🍕🍪🍞 Why are Processed Carbs So Habit-Forming? (Carb-Cravings are REAL!)

Do you feel like you are addicted to sweets, bread, crackers, or breakfast cereal? Turns out, you might just be. That doesn’t mean you should give in to the craving, that means you need to break this addictive cycle so you can stop eating this unhealthy Carbage!

Studies have shown that highly processed sweets, grains and vegetable oils can actually activate the same receptors, and regions of your brain, that habit-forming drugs do. With this knowledge, you can double-down on your efforts to break free from these “foods” that are keeping you from achieving your health goals.

There are regions of your brain, and substances in your brain, that can become addicted to certain chemicals found in your food. Endorphins, Dopamine, and Serotonin are 3 that you’ve probably heard of. Can you believe that all 3 react to highly processed foods just like they react to hard drugs? The reason that many “comfort foods” give you comfort is because they act on these neurotransmitters and give you a high. It’s true, let me explain…

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  1. I am addicted to your videos! I am sharing them on facebook with all of my friends! Excellent information. My son is now considering KETO for his entire family because of your videos! I started KETO on September 19th and I immediately noticed no more joint pain, absolutely no heartburn, and I have dropped 10 pounds. Thank you Dr. Berry! You have changed my life.

  2. eating very strict Keto with lectin restrictions autoimmune protocol around 5 carbs a day 2 ounces protein rest was fat my advanced fibrosis with indication of Cirrhosis was gone according to FibroScan my Liver is perfect. Tomorrow get a few more test because Liver doc was blown away didn't even know what to say.

  3. This describes me perfectly. I'm easily hooked on crap carbs and my appetite for them only becomes more ravenous by the day. This is also why Keto is a godsend for me. It will always be better for me to have none than one when it comes to processed carbs. It always helps me feel less bad about it to hear about the science behind it. Thanks Dr. B!

  4. Keto, vegan, low fat and so on. All the same nonsense. If you are lucky you will live to be 90 without many health problems. Dietary restrictions have always been a religious thing, especially since you don't "need" to restrict anything as long as you don't eat all day long. Sugar is not evil. Carbs are not evil. Forget our made up "ancestors" everyone talks about. 50-60 years ago, they didn't eat like "ancestors". They ate junk food, and sugar and fruit and lots of fat. They weren't fat and rarely did they have health problems. The only difference is the frequency in how often they ate.

  5. One of the hardest things in the world was for me to break the addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates. They stimulate the brain similar to drugs. One study showed rats would chose sugar water over cocaine. It can take 2 to 3 weeks of total abstinence to break an addiction to them. They are in most processed foods. Eliminate cravings and eliminate fake sugar which stimulates cravings. Break free. PPT – avoid the wrong people, places, and things.
    Once you break free, you achieve ketosis and force your body to learn to burn body fat for fuel.
    Step one admit there is a problem. Now do something about it.
    Most people do not recognize a problem or not know how to break a sugar – carb addiction and do not know that the cravings go away when you break the addiction after 2 to 3 eeeks.
    Good food is actual medicine not just symbolically.
    Bad food is like a bad highly addictive drug with multiple adverse reactions and side effects.
    When you cheat you knock your body out of ketosis which takes a long time to achieve

  6. The national celebration of sugar day where kids are encouraged to love sugar also called Halloween is coming. Followed soon by obesity food crazy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all the parties in between. Food celebrations and obesity are now the norm..

  7. Will you please do a video on how to get rid of fatty liver and fatty pancreas. I hear you talk about it a lot (and I know my liver is really really fatty and so I assume my pancreas is as well)… what can I do to heal it?

  8. I’m addicted too, have been doing keto and fasting for 2 years and I can’t believe how fast with a few slips into eating carbs can get you back into the addiction…..getting overly tired, overwhelmed and eating the wrong things happens fast.

  9. Thank you Dr. Berry. You tell it like it is. I was hoping the vid wouldnt end and you would tell us mega sugar addicts how to go cold turkey. I guess we just commit , pray, and do it. I need rehab. Why isnt there for this? Well ive made my commitment to keto. Hope my family can stand me for the next while. I can do this and smile. Right? You have helped me a great deal. Im so grateful.

  10. Excellent video!! I'm listening to the book "Grain Brain" while driving to work. Carbs are absolutely addicting!! And I'm seriously addicted. Went Keto and it's really helping a LOT!!

  11. 66 years old, down 45 lbs in 4 months with 87 lbs to go in order to be at my coming out of basic training weight 44 years ago. Perhaps an unrealistic goal, but I am hoping to reach it by Feb of 2020.

  12. Dr. Berry, I have a question and pray this gets to you. I have severe anxiety, so bad I take a daily pill for it. When I was on the ketogenic diet I was happy and was not experiencing panic attacks. In September, around the same time every year I have increased anxiety. Last year it wasn't so bad but this year it gave me several panic attacks. Bad ones. So I was advised by a coworker to get off the keto and see how I felt. She thought it was causing me more anxiety. It has been since the middle of September when I stopped and in the middle of October I started having heart palpitations. Some so bad they'd stop me in my tracks. I've gone to the doctor and we did and Ekg which was normal, she drew labs and they are normal and I'm waiting on a heart monitor to do a 24 hour test. My question to you is, in your profession opinion, do you think my palpitations are being caused because I started eating carbs again?

  13. Hey Dr Berry
    If I AM insulin resistant, how do I correct that on the Keto Diet. I'm a big fan of the keto diet
    And have been on this program for about 2 months. Thank you so much for your knowledge and encouragement.

  14. I've been Keto carnivore for 5 yrs and in all that time family and friends seem to want to go keto, but can't seem to consistently stop eating pizza, bread etc… Additionally years ago I cold quit a long time tobacco habit. I can say with certainty that quitting all forms of sugars was as, if not more, difficult than quitting nicotine. Sugar is an addictive drug. No doubt in my mind.

  15. Thank you Dr. Berry. After a year of eating a Keto diet i reversed my Type 2 diabetes, brought my hbac1 level to 4.6 and was taken off the Metformin. My doctor was amazed and asked what was I doing. I told him I was doing the Ketogenic diet and he looked perplexed. I wish more doctors would learn about this instead of just prescribing meds. Thanks for giving us this information. You're great.

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