😬 Who ACTUALLY Needs Exogenous Ketones? (NOT Who You Think)

If you’ve been looking into keto and all the health benefits it can give, you’ve probably had someone try to sell you exogenous ketones. So the question arises, “Who actually needs exogenous ketones anyway?” Good question. There are a few people who might benefit, but probably not you.

Having ketones in your urine our blood stream is Not the goal of a ketogenic diet. The goal is to actually be In Ketosis. These are 2 very different things. Let this video help you understand the difference, and make the correct choices for your health and for your wallet.

The ketogenic way of eating is easy and sustainable once you figure it out, but I don’t want you to be parted with your money as you learn. Keep reading and watching and thinking, and don’t spend your money on products you don’t need!

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  1. Great information! I’ve been wondering about this for the last 5 weeks. You’ve been such a blessing to my health doctor. Thanks for all you do. Saved my life down the road for sure. I wish my brother, sister, and their kids would learn and decide to change to the keto lifestyle. They just don’t listen. … Lies my doctor told me arrives to my house today!

  2. There are some instances where my body is stubborn af and will simply NOT cooperate when it comes to getting back into ketosis. It has taken up to nearly TWO WEEKS of strict keto eating just to START a nudge in that direction. I’ve heard of some where it can take a month or more! To that, I say: f that bs. It feels like I’ve been sentenced when I’ve done nothing wrong, in fact, I’m doing things right, but it’s not making any difference. it’s a very demoralizing feeling. This is where I find exogenous ketones useful: it catapults me over that wall past all that excruciating bs and it’s a good way to hit the ground running. I would skip breakfast, have an early low carb lunch, fast for dinner. Take the ketones first thing on an empty stomach and I can stay all day until a keto dinner, sometimes I even skip that as I’ve found it somehow suppressed my appetite.

    Now, I get how it may be interpreted as irresponsible to say “exogenous ketones get you into ketosis”. If a person is going to treat this as some sort of magical potion thats going to do all the dieting and discipline FOR them and they expect for it to make them thin overnight, then yes I 100% agree it’s a waste of time and money. But if a person is doing it right for a bit and it’s still not happening and it would help to “prime the pump” as it were, then exogenous ketones, in my experience, serves as a good ASSIST to the efforts they’re already putting in.

  3. This is such GREAT News-!!! I care for elderly mom w/dementia and she won't give up that oatmeal or her sandwiches no red meat or chicken either.. and my daughter epilepsy/Autisim high functioning but, won't give up her carbs.. no motor seizures for many years but, still on meds.. I am on keto for WL & to Heal-thy-self, feel So much better and want them to as well.. So happy to know this information-!!!

  4. Dr Berry, I am a hockey player and about halfway through the second period I feel exhausted, which wasn’t the case on a typical diet and drinking gator aid during games. Would exogenous Ketons consumed as I play help?? Thanks.

  5. thank you doc… this really helps. I'm also trying to get a pal who's suffering from psoriasis to get into keto. he however is not too educated …do you think exogenous keto will help??

  6. Dr. Barry, Please comment on the video from Jillian Michaels "Keto, don't believe the Hype." It might be "BUY" the hype. It is a treasure trove of misleading information and misrepresentations about the KETO diet. KETO CONNECT did an analysis of it. I want your take on it please… You are going to go nuts. It's obviously an attempt to protect her client base by keeping them FAT and STRUGGLING. Please lend your wisdom. Thanks.

  7. Well I never cared to take exogenous ketones but now how will I know I'm in a state of ketosis if the amount of ketones in my blood do not matter? How do you know you're in ketosis? I'm so confused now!!!

  8. I do normal keto I feel alert and great. I TAKE those exogenous ketones I can't even sleep at night. I get so wired and FIRED up it puts my system on overload. It affects me like amphetamines. My wife takes exogenous ketones she feels great. For me… not good. Thanks for the video Dr Berry! Good to be up to date on the subject. We bought a 3 month supply of stupid powders – $200 bucks a month. Very dumb but you live and learn.

  9. My personal experience is that exogenous ketones do give me more energy, better focus and enhances my ketogenic lifestyle. I've been doing keto for nearly 3 years now and added exogenous ketones in November 2018… I've had amazing results with it. I only take a half scoop in the morning instead of the bullet proof coffee… that's it. I do keep my blood ketones between 2-3. I do not buy ketones that have extra ingredients or any type of sugar..zero. strictly BHBs…

  10. Off topic, but I see the W.H.O. have just released new findings on fibre intake, have you seen it and what are your thoughts??
    I expect you will put out a video on it (I hope)
    Best wishes 👍

  11. Thank you for all the great information. I did keto last year and lost 20lbs. (The ONLY diet/way of eating, that I have ever lost weight on) That is untill I went to Germany…. The bread, The Beer….. Well, I blew it….. I'm back on and losing again and loving this way of eating lifestyle. My concern is. The first time I did it I had a lot of hair loss. Is this common? and if so is there a way to prevent it? Thanks again for all your info. I wish I had seen your videos the first time I did this…

  12. I have been using the keto diet for a few months and have lost weight and also reduced one of my epilepsy meds from 3000 mgs a day to 750 mgs. I think adding MCT oil has really helped also, making my own bpc is a good way to help extend my IMF thanks for the info

  13. Funny thing about ACG, when I had my first testicular cancer, the told me a pregnancy test would tell me if it came back. 5 years later I had horrible pain in the area and took the test, up, cancer.

  14. Question, unrelated to this video, but a question I wanted to ask. You say to rid your diet of fructose and sugars, which I have done pretty much. I still use raw unfiltered honey, what is your professional opinion of honey.

  15. Dr Berry, your skin looks better you must be in autophagy, i can always tell when im eating right because i get this pink color to my skin and i look good and i feel good too.

  16. Please so a video on telogen effluvium on keto/low carb please. I am going through it and my doctor says to increase carbs and not do keto, but i don't want to increase carbs, it makes me feel awful

  17. My non verbal autistic 5 year old son has pica tendencies. I can't believe the amount of advice on line to just stop buying the foods that the kid will eat and starve them into ketosis….maybe that works for neurotypical kids but he'd try to survive on paper or dirt. As bad as poptarts are, I've taken worse things out of his mouth.
    I'll think about trying the exogenous ketones for him….maybe I could hide it in his drinks. I considered them rather bunk but its worth a try. (We've also considered the idea of spiking his drinks with grassfed unflavoured beef gelatin…the stuff that's processed not to thicken…..this kid does not recognize meat as food)

  18. Thank you! A question, CBD Oils and Pot are becoming the new super "medicine" that fixes everything. I am interested in what you think about CBD's and pot as medicine. Thank you!

  19. Thank you Dr. Berry!!
    I purchased and read your book "Lies My Doctor Told Me"
    What an amazing read.
    I believe that many of the topics discussed are attributes of the medical conditions I've been diagnosed with for nearly 20 years. My health has improved since I started researching and making changes to my diet.
    Your book Really prompted me to Stop, Think, Research and Change!
    Not only is it filled with a wealth of information there's a Great sense of humor throughout. I very much appreciate your work Sir. ✌

  20. I have a question. If exogenous ketones can help with everything you mention then what keeps it from assisting you with weight loss and mood elevation?? The reason I ask is because my wife has always had a problem losing weight no matter what she tried. Here a couple months ago she bought this stuff called pruvit keto drinks and she has lost 28 lbs in 9 weeks and has never felt better she says. She's always watched what she eats, so i can't think of anything else that it could be. Seems to be working for her. I don't drink that stuff because I prefer my liver to produce the ketones lol. It's too hard for her to maintain strict keto like i do and that's why she started drinking them. By the way I think you are an amazing Dr. Love the channel

  21. Hi. I have some and they gave me energy but I was getting a lot of headaches taking them . They were were very expensive so I don’t want to throw them out. How much could I give to my 1.5 year old, 14 year and 12 year old? Thanks

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