10 Best Vegas Pool Parties of 2019

Before I get started with this list I want everyone to know I go to Vegas entirely too much! I’m not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I have been to all 10 and then some that didn’t even make the list. Depending on what you are into Vegas can be an amazing time or it can be your worst nightmare. For me I am pretty simple… I love the views (looking at the beautiful women), slot machines, sports bets, food, drinks, and the atmosphere. What better way to enjoy the views than to take in a pool party. Beware to get into a decent pool party be prepared to spend quite a bit of money, or no someone, or be a good looking woman…

#10 INFLUENCE (Linq Hotel)

If you want the more low key pool party crowd I suggest you go Monday through Thursdays. There aren’t any extra charges for the lounge chairs or a cover charge. Even Fridays aren’t that bad but they are a little more crowded than your Saturdays and Sundays. Two things I love about Influence at the Linq is the location they are centralized on the strip. The 2nd is that they are partnered with the Taco Shop so they offer bottomless mimosas and bloody marys for the pool attendees…

#9 MARQUEE DAY CLUB (Cosmopolitan Hotel)

Ok I know I said earlier that the view meant looking at beautiful women. However this party is roof top so there really are great views and not just women. Again pretty low key during the week but the weekends all I can say is wow. Overly packed so be prepared to spend some money getting some sort of bottle service to have your own space. Marquee’s Sunday event called “Beatwave” is where the real party is. Beatwave is when up and coming DJs perform so between their following and the Vegas crowd it gets pretty nuts.

#8 KAOS (Palms Hotel)

I’m not a big fan of parties off the strip especially since I like to stay centralized. With that being said this party wasn’t bad at all. Now it is only open Thursday – Sunday and everyday was fun. Kaos is also known for the no cover nightclub so you can imagine how many people like free. I think they make up for it on drinks people will spend more knowing they save $50 or $100 cover charges. This party is notorious for hosting the likes of Cardi B in one of their premier two story cabanas. Their Sunday night party called SOAK is hands down their best event. Dj Marshmellow is one of the main hosts their on Sundays.

#7 JEMMA (NoMad Hotel)

Ok so this is another roof top gem located at the NoMad and is only open Friday – Sunday. So right off the bat they offer a champagne bongs. Translation you are getting tore up quicker than at other pool parties. They also have pretty looking drinks but make no mistake they are not girly whatsoever. What makes this pool party a bit different is the huge pizza shaped looking inflatables as well as their dual dance floors. This was surprisingly fun from what I could remember…

#6 WET REPUBLIC (MGM Grand Hotel)

So Wet Republic is world famous I mean after all it is at the world famous MGM Grand. This is a Thursday to Sunday pool only. Super EDM DJ Calvin Harris has a residency here which also makes it more popular. Something I love is the amount of champagne showers happen I mean they have to go through hundreds of bottles a day. I would say this is the most crowded pool party with the longest wait to get in if you aren’t doing bottle service. Oh did I mention they have a hot 100 bikini contest every single weekend the pool is open??? This would be higher on my list if not for the silly lines and the fact you can’t move at ALL!!!

#5 TAO BEACH (Venetian Hotel)

Ok so again with this hotel it is kind of away from the central location of the strip I like to stay on however Tao is something special. Tao hands down is the most flashiest pool party in the history of pool parties. The plush vip cabanas and massages paired with the whole Asian theme is second to none. The pool is open all week. It is very mellow during the week but Friday through Sunday is when everyone is ready to turn up. If you are not staying at the venetian then prepared to wait in line and pay a nice sized cover.

#4 LIQUID (Aria Hotel)

Liquid is open from Wednesday – Sunday and just like the rest of the parties, Sunday is their prime pool party day. Offering champagne showers it is a little different from the other pool parties. It’s a bit more high end so the drinks are a bit more pricey (I know hard believe) and the crowd size is a lot more intimate. Liquid does have a very fun Wednesday Pink Party that draws a nice crowd.

#3 GO POOL (Flamingo Hotel)

So I love the location in the mix with other bars, hotels etc. Go Pool is open 7 days a week and is much more laid back than the bigger pool parties. The music is very diverse which is another reason why this is a popular destination. This party could have easily been my #1 it was a tough call. Go Pool’s lagoon oasis has events going on almost every day, from Twisted Tuesdays and Throwback Thursdays to Swimdustry Wednesdays. Cover charge is $10 for non-guests and they have drink specials, contests, and giveaways on a regular basis. You never know what this day club might have in store.


This is a really high ranking for me considering Mandalay Bay definitely isn’t centralized near the rest of the action. But I can’t deny we had an awesome time here. Between their Rose Thursdays (a girls’ day themed event) and their Lit Sundays, the Daylight Beach Club has a slew of opportunities to indulge in. The 4000+ sq foot pool and the plethora of bungalows for bottle service this was an easy choice for my top 3.

#1 DRAI’S (Cromwell Hotel)

Like I said any of my top 3 could have been my #1. Drai’s checks all the boxes. It is centrally located near everything I hot on the strip. There is something going on at Drai’s 7 days a week with the week days not quite as lit (yes I said lit) as the weekends. Drai’s is a rooftop spot and it is mostly hip hop which is another reason why this made #1. I love house music and EDM but that seems to be the theme at every pool party across the U.S. so drama free hip hop is a nice change.


Last year I spent my birthday at Drai’s where we bought a high roller bungalow. Talk about high roller our bungalow had its own private pool, how awesome is that? However the fun is down on the main level where Drai’s pool is flanked by bubbling hot tubs, palm trees, and lush pink lunge chairs. And on top of it all, the views of Drai’s Beachclub simply can’t be beat. Most pool parties end at 6pm but on Thursdays Drai’s has a nightswim party til 4am with live performances.

So if you are a party goer who loves drinks music and swimming pools check out one of these I promise you won’t be disappointed…

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