3 Ways To Tell if Someone is Toxic Within 5 Minutes of Meeting Them | Inc.

According to author and speaker Minda Zetlin, working with a toxic person can be emotionally draining. Here’s how to spot the red flags before it’s too late.

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  1. A toxic person I call them Bojack horseman around the place , Takes advice from a mainstream thing to go needles in an opposite direction , spurs in fruitless activity's which doesn't benefit productively wise. Has a clueless sense nor reads the environment he/she is in. Shows sign of indifferent in an active readily situation . Handle's a team task as an ineffective way . Only sees ones own activity as a worth while value against the communicated collective agreement. And so on correct its draining .

  2. How to tell if someone is a communist sjw snowflake – they use words like toxic to describe people. Blacks are toxic, jihad is toxic, Jewish open borders communists are toxic. What now snowflake.

  3. Ok, so autistic people are toxic people: always say what they think, always act as they think it's best, always have communication problems, especially in face-to-face interactions. Forthemore, they always think it's other people who are toxics. Good to know.

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