$300 Restaurant Voucher Winners

Hey it’s Hollywood Wil and once again I want to say thank you to everyone for their support in joining my Amazon Facebook group.  To show you my appreciation as promised at the bottom of this page is the picture of your $300 restaurant voucher (CLICK THE PICTURE).  There are no timeshares, surveys, email spams or anything just put your email address in and certificates@funrewardsforyou.com will send you the voucher. So please make sure you either whitelist that email address or check your spam folder. Either way your certificate is coming the same day you tell them where to send 🙂


*Will you use or sell my email address? – NO… entering your email address is so Fun Rewards can email everyone’s voucher all at once as apposed to me filling out 300 different unique certificates which would have taken days lol.

*Who is funrewards.com? – Fun rewards is a company that provides businesses like myself incentives like hotel stays, certificates etc to help build fan base and customer relationships.

*How can you give away all these prizes? – I pay a monthly fee to have access to these types of prizes for you. It helps build your customer and fanbase relationships.


Stay tuned because I have so many Amazon deals and cool giveaways still to come.


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