7 Great Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fix Your O6:O3 Ratio!)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are important to good health and optimization. The Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio is also important to control inflammation and end-organ damage. You can optimize both of these things by eating the correct sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

There is some mis-information out there as to what provides usable Omega-3’s without giving too many Omega-6’s. This video will help clear up this confusion. You may be surprised at something I say in this video.

Your body operates best when you give it the nutrients it needs, and avoid giving it the slow-poison of inappropriate foods, or food-like products. There is no need to pay premium prices for an Omega-3 supplement. There is definitely no need to pay extortion-level prices of a prescription source of Omega-3’s. Just eat the correct, natural foods and you’ll have all you need.

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  1. Happy New year Dr. BERRY. From u.k. our NHS is great but still insist that diabetes & hypertension means medicines for life😑
    After much research i decided on low carb…..3 STONES LIGHTER after 7 months. Taking it slower & experimenting…..HALFWAY THERE, ITS NOW A WAY OF LIFE. No meds & I MADE UP SOME GREAT LOW CARB RECIPES. THANKS FOR THE NO- NONSENSE ADVICE. BERRY IS THE BOMB!!

  2. Hello Dr Berry, I've been following you for a while and i'm 20 Days deeps in the keto-way. I feel often discomfort and a "full feeling" around the right lower abdominal area. It appeared on day 7 and I was fine before. It never went away since day 7. I thought about the gallbladder or the Liver. Is that something you experienced with yourself or your clients? Will it pass? It is really unconfortable and probably not a good sign right, is there something I can do ?

  3. info is great. i hope you can answer this next question and maybe do a series in it!!! WHAT ABOUT MY7 and 9 yr OLD KIDS!!!! What do i feed them for breakfast? they are already addicted to the poision of carbohydrate laden breakfast foods. Can they or should they fast( i dont see why not cave chidren im sure did) i love my kids!! Help me Help my kids! Clear it up doc Please!!!!!!

  4. Keep spreading the word, Doc! I just got kicked iff the NOOM site for citing the research you’ve led me to when they condemned the Keto diet. After I answered them with research sources, they gave up trying to yell over me and dumped me. I hope their readers had a chance to see the source you’ve cited and referred me to. I’m grateful to you for the reversal of my diabetes type 2. You’re saving lives!

  5. Question, unrelated to this video, but a question I wanted to ask. You say to rid your diet of fructose and sugars, which I have done pretty much. I still use raw unfiltered honey, what is your professional opinion of honey.

  6. I bought a case of sardines in olive oil from Portugal, I eat one tin a day and in a few weeks I was able to successfully lower my methotrexate dose (RA), from 10mg to 2.5mg over about 3 months. I haven't eaten sardines for over 55 years, but since I began Keto I'm considering all foods that are good for me.

  7. Hi dr Berry. Big fan of your vids. I'm a patreon supporter, and have asked a few times on the patreon page how to access your private facebook keto group. No one is answering my queries. Please can someone get back to me. Thanks

  8. Hey Dr. Berry thanks for the video! I’ve been a long time subscriber and I had a question. I’ve been doing keto for the last 4 to 5 months and recently with the holidays I kind of went on a binge for about two weeks. I ate more carbs than I was used to along with sugar. however I noticed I was still losing weight and I did not gain weight at all. For some reason I feel like I should be concerned but then I started thinking maybe I’m just a fat adapted now. Any thoughts?

  9. Doc, I have a question very loosely related to this video : is dark chocolate (let's say 85%) ok ? I'm pretty sure I never heard you talked about it although I watched almost all your channel twice.

  10. I use sports research fish oil fios5 star rated but dont think it has ala in it. Best eggs I can find are organic no pastured eggs at stores here. I use grass fed butter kerrygold brand but its not organic.

  11. I was watching your ketorade video the other day and in it you and the wife discuss how lemons and limes are the same fruit. You say one is just ripened on the tree longer.
    So, I'm from Florida. I can tell you lemon trees are their own thing. The two look similar in size. Both originate from India but they each are their own distinct tree.

  12. Hello Dr. Berry, love your channel and have learned so much from you. I've been doing IF since last Feb. and have lost 31 lbs. Can you please explain how to use MCT oil? I tried finding info on the internet and I have concerns about how to use it. Too much causes stomach problems, how much is the right amount? Do you feel it's a good thing to use in a diet? Thanks for your help.

  13. Please so a video on telogen effluvium on keto/low carb please. I am going through it and my doctor says to increase carbs and not do keto, but i don't want to increase carbs, it makes me feel awful

  14. Kipper Snacks are my Go-To.  The Polar Brand or Crown Prince or Brunswick Brands are some of the best.  It's smoked Herring.  Larger fillets with less strong fishy taste, with almost a bacony, smokey hint of flavor.  Love 'em.

  15. I'm from eastern europe and in my family we ALWAYS use pork fat for frying and cooking. Oil, like olive oil was used ONLY in salads as dressing. In the last few years we transfered to using pig fat from the breed called Mangulitza, which is native to my part of the world that went almost extinct and is much healthier for use than today's hybrids. As for the fish… Oh dear not a big fan, but will eat what Danube and my rivers and lakes have to offer 🙄☺️

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