B12 Deficiency: 7 Signs Doctors Miss (2019)

B12 Deficiency can be very hard to diagnose, and these 7 signs can help. Many doctors don’t think of B12 deficiency as the cause of these 7 symptoms, but these symptoms can be the canary in the coalmine.

If you have any of these 7 symptoms you should go see your doctor for a full panel of relevant labs, but you might remind you doctor not to forget to check for Vitamin B12.

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    Thanks sooo much to my wonderful Patrons for making this video possible!

  2. Howdy Dr. K. Why is it that most doctors don't want to show people how to give themselfves B12 shots at home??
    Maybe they just want the insurance charges.
    Other than food to replace vitamin Bs what sublingual would you suggest. I want to use that because I can't afford Dr visits every week for shots.
    Thank you for answering.

  3. I used to get the pins and needles, but keto and carnivore fixed that. I actually had most of these symptoms.

    Unfortunately, my labs always came back fine.

  4. My suggested vitamin protocol for MS is:
    Vitamin C D E and B12
    A multi vitamin supplement Centrum Complete
    Tumeric Curcumin
    Fish oil
    This is a daily regiment and plenty of pork or beef daily.
    The Keto diet has helped to a degree but nothing is a cure, just a delay for the eventual inevitable.
    My ears still ring loud and constant.
    There is a lot I don't know yet I learn more every day. My doctor isn't one to listen well when I ask or question or share what is happening within me. So I have to do my own research.
    PPMS is not an enjoyable process. Pain is a whole body event daily usually from off the chart 10 in the morning to a regular 5 all day long.
    My only relief is 5mg of norco x4 daily and meloxicam anti inflamitory. Walking with a cane for one year and looking for a wheelchair for the future.
    The Keto diet saved my health due to the unhealthy chemicals and gluten, soy and other junk in our foods.
    Thanks Dr. Ken for these informative videos. I share them with others who are searching too. 🙂

  5. 7 symptoms:

    1. Neuropathy
    2. Smooth/ slightly swollen tongue
    3. Fatigue
    4. Poor balance
    5. Irritibility
    6. Tinnitus
    7. Depression

    Listen to Dr. Berry elaborate on each for more information✌

  6. The animals you eat might be lower in B12 if they are grain fed, and don't have access to grazing outdoors. B12 is from bacteria in the soil that gets on the grass, then ferments in their gut.
    I wonder if the will ever come out with a probiotic that has this bacteria in it.

  7. I have B12, deficiency that temporarily paralyzed me twice in my life.
    Because I did low calorie diet and didn’t get enough B 12 in my diet ( I did slim fast diet once and then I did HCG diet). They first diagnosed me with MS in error.
    I was in rehab hospital I asked go in the pool. They said MS patients could handle the 85/90 degree water. I made them let me in the pool in two days later I was waking and I don’t get tired.
    At that point they run more test and found that I was B12 Deficiency. If registration thing about B 12 is the normal range is 300-1200. I have learn I can’t go Below 550. My neurological doctor is saying that she’s seeing more B 12 deficiency do you because of stomach surgeries in the past I did not have stomach surgery I just did crash diets I now do the keto diet and my B 12 levels of great.

  8. Dr. Berry, what if we have these symptoms and request the B12 test and our doctor states there isn't enough evidence to request that lab test? I have requested certain tests from my doctor based off one of your previous videos and that was her response.

  9. Can your B12 level get too high? I've been taking standard oral supplements and my current level is 1317. My doctor wants me to stop taking any more supplements, but her only reasoning is that the high level of normal listed is 1100 so I don't need my blood levels higher than that. I'm not having any of the symptoms I've found for high B12 levels.

  10. This channel also talks about diseases now. No longer keto channel just 10 signs some be wrong with you lol. Learn about hypnosis, learn what happens when you listen to the same damn thing over and over people. Much as I love keto, hate to see a good channel go downhill. Peace.

  11. Thanks… I've been through this , i mean the ringing in my ears , the doctor prescribed me stablanz tab. Which is helping alot. But i need naturally occurring V- b12 if possible.

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