Bedtime Stories with Dr. Ron Paul: The First Thanksgiving

Price: $7.50
(as of Jan 17,2020 06:36:15 UTC – Details)

A story about the history of Thanksgiving for children:The storyline is an unauthorized dramatization of the Thanksgiving LibertyReport podcast episode (2018), where Dr. Ron Paul is telling a “bedtime story” (hence, the title) after being questioned by his son. Therefore, it is a “political history” of Thanksgiving day, but not politicized, if you will. It is historically accurate and believed to capture the essence of the holiday as most contemporary scholar’s would agree, and the storyline, while earnest intentions were made, are supposed to capture the essence of Dr. Paul’s version of the story. There is a disclaimer included, but may be pertinent to readers before purchase: This is the author’s opinions only of said content and is not affiliated with Dr. Ron Paul, or any of his affiliates, in any way, albeit the previously stated likeness, but even that is somewhat circumstantial and merely serves as inspiration in its creation.

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