Change For Yourself, Not Others | by Jay Shetty

When you become better for yourself, you’ll naturally become better for someone else.

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The term build it and it will come is false… BE IT and it will come! My name is Wil aka Hollywood Wil and I have been down, confused, depressed, lost, and didn’t know which way was up. Believe it or not watching Jay and other motivational speakers helped me a great deal. If you are not comfortable enough to talk just start watching videos until you are comfortable enough to talk to someone.

I hope you enjoy not only the videos but my entire Vlog πŸ™‚


  1. Video and conclusions are really good Jay but I wish one video was finally made that show a bit different"perspective" maybe title "This time not his mistake" I know male have many "male" hobbies bad once but Woman are not better … Jay I put this way male think straight talk straight fix issues fast, woman like talk around like a air plane hours before they finally say what's really wrong and you lucky if that's the real problem another is woman always back to bad topic from last year last month etc… Now to all girls please don't take that wrong but …If you not happy say it if you don't want to be together say it don't sit and complain about everything over and over as we all human male always try do best for you and him but sometimes to many stuff in ours back pack start confusing us instead support.

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  3. This is not accurate, the video highlights three facts that one person did not like about the other person, it does not highlight any positive traits of the other person, there must have been some. The video depicts the people living together but then mid way shifts to show that they live apart. Great messages at the end but the story does not flow from my perspective. I understand that it is my perspective. In my opinion two people can have different likes and dislikes yet still be happy together if there is good understanding and communication.

  4. Really great and Meaningful changing your habit or overcoming your weakness is the best human revolution for ourselves as well as for society or environment around us . Thanks you for sharing .

  5. In this case, she came in your life. She wants to change your habits, and if so, she leave and never come back. And now what?
    You go back to your habits πŸ€” ?! Women a mystery
    PS happens in my life too

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