Dave Asprey : ON How To Build A Young Brain And Body For Life

On this episode of On Purpose, I sat down with Dave Asprey. Dave is the Founder & CEO of Bulletproof 360, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and a two-time New York Times bestselling author.

Dave will be sharing his incredible transformation from being overweight, tired and unsatisfied to Super-Human. He plans on living to at least 180-years-old and wants to help you maximize your performance. You’ll learn the foods that your brain loves and how to slow aging down!

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The term build it and it will come is false… BE IT and it will come! My name is Wil aka Hollywood Wil and I have been down, confused, depressed, lost, and didn’t know which way was up. Believe it or not watching Jay and other motivational speakers helped me a great deal. If you are not comfortable enough to talk just start watching videos until you are comfortable enough to talk to someone.

I hope you enjoy not only the videos but my entire Vlog 🙂


  1. I am fade up these days as am addicted to masturbation since 8years and currently am of 20years old!!
    I really want to get out of it cause it leadings unhappiness,anxiety as well as depression each and every day again and again😰😓😓😰😰

  2. He just talked around how he last weight.
    He also used the word “reversed engineered” for “figured out”… when he said he had toxic mold in his house growing up. I’m sure he didn’t figure that out by reverse engineering it.

    So right now I’m thinking this guy says a lot without saying anything. One of those. But I might check out his book at the library just to see if there’s something I can learn.

  3. S4S https://youtu.be/6YTateg2FP0

    Did you encourage, inspire, bring about a smile on someone’s face, hugged or kissed someone today? Did you tell someone that you love or miss them? Did you think about somebody special today that makes you smile just by the vision of their face in your head? If not, will you do it before you lay your head down to go to sleep tonight? I hope you did and if not yet then I hope you will. And I hope maybe someone said or done one of the things mentioned because you deserve it and so do your loved ones. Stay blessed 😘😍♥️🙏🏻 SK

  4. Could he be anymore self congratulating? I just don’t like this guy. Jay, I like. This guy? Nope. I can’t afford grassfed meat all the time and I eat one meal a day. I just think he is so far removed from the ordinary ppl it’s hard to listen to get to the info.

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