Does a High Protein Diet cause Kidney Disease? [WARNING: Myth Alert]

Does a high protein diet cause kidney disease, or decrease kidney function? You’ve probably heard it does, and it’s time to set the record straight. Protein is an essential macro-nutrient, but “experts” keep saying too much protein might be bad for your kidneys, right?

Your diet has to be made of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, in some proportion. This video will help you understand if protein is dangerous, and how much is too much. This is important because so many people just don’t know.

If you eat the proper human diet your health will increase. If you are eating too much of the wrong things then your health will suffer. It pays to know the difference.


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Ken D Berry, MD, FAAFP, is a Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, having seen over 20,000 patients in his career so far.

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  1. You gotta explain why though. Saying it's not bad doesn't mean much.
    By the way, I follow a high protein diet and haven't had any problems.
    To be honest, I am not that restrict so I eat apples and corn (and sometimes junk food like cakes and cookies) once or twice a week. It helps with constipation and it satisfies my sweet tooth.

  2. This is good news for me! I have one kidney due to kidney cancer from yrs ago and post op, was told by my doctors to REALLY watch the protein for my remaining kidney. Am on KETO now and always trying to avoid too much protein, though I prefer carnivore and fish.

  3. What would you say to regular supplementation of Vitamin C? Is Vit C the same as Ascorbic Acid? Very confused here… thank you in advance. Great videos. Great Info. keep 'em coming….

  4. Thank you for this information! Over the years, I have gotten very reluctant to share my food habits with other people and this is exactly the reason. Everyone thinks they are a doctor, and no matter how you eat, there is always someone who is very happy to bombard you with alarming news about how you are killing yourself. These days, my motto is "Keep your eyes on your own plate", and expect others to do the same. I have found that if I don't allow conversation about this topic, then I lead a more peaceful life.

  5. My wife has one kidney at stage 3 , Lupus with inter-cranial hypertension with a drain into her abdominal area from her brain. I've watched you for some time and I'm trying to help her live and conquer this bs health problem. I wouldn't direct her to you if I didn't believe you and put her life at risk. I told her to contact you. She needs help!

  6. All I know is that whenever I eat breads, I leak proteinuria in my urine. And, when I stop the bread and retest, I donโ€™t spill protein in my urine. Gluten, leaky gut, and proteinuria connection?

  7. Another thing that hurts your kidneys in the long term is NSAIDs.

    Keto lowers inflammation so NSAIDs often become unnecessary on Ketogenic diet.

  8. I would have tried Atkins back in the nineties but Dr. Dean Edell was howling on the radio that it would wreck my kidneys.

    He's a jerk.

  9. Dr Berry, on your other video about CKD, you said you were posting links to articles about how Keto can help with CKD. My husband has CKD and I could not find those articles to read, can you post them again?

  10. Can you let me know if 120 in cholesterol is real high. Because l will not take cholesterol meds l think they are bad. I use niacin to help and eat lots of leafty vegetables. Thank you

  11. Dr. Berry, thanks for addressing this. I have a kidney transplant and have been very stable for years. Praise the Lord. I did not have CKD, and I am not diabetic, but had Good Pasture's Disease ( an autoimmune disease for anyone else who may read this) which led to ESRD and dialysis. I need to lose about 15 pounds and have a friend who is on the keto diet. She is doing very well and has lost lots of weight. I love meat and thought I would give this a try. Sounds great to me!! I did not tell my kidney doctor I was going to do this. I know all of my 'BMP numbers and have labs checked every 6 months. I had a planned blood draw after eating keto for only about 2 weeks. My BUN jumped to 28 ( my normal below 20) , my creatinine jumped to 1.6 ( from my normal range of 1.0-1.2) …and my GFR nose dived to 36, the lowest since my transplant 13+ years ago. And yes, my doctor has explained what all of the numbers mean and what affects them. The main one we were both concerned with was the GFR. At this point I did mention to my doctor that I was indeed eating a lot more protein. So…we plan a blood redraw for 2 weeks later. I modify my diet back to what I was eating…a little less protein with some carbs and fresh 'stuff'. As a rule I don't eat a lot of processed foods and cook most of my meals from scratch. At the redraw, my numbers were all back to my normal range….BUN below 20, Creatinine was 1.2…and the biggest change was my GFR… up 12 points to 48. And yes, I know that is low….but when properly hydrated (which is an ongoing challenge for me) I range between 50 and the normal 60+. We also did a protein urine check and that was absolutely perfect…no protein detected in the reading. We are planning redraws every 4 weeks for a few months to monitor my kidney. I know that as a transplant, my body will always be different and nothing is ever 'normal' again. I am a real meat eater, but full-on keto is not for me. Since that was the only change I made during that time frame, I know for certain that doing so affected my kidney function. That may not be the case for anyone else, but that was my experience, and I wanted to share that with you. I do enjoy your channel, thank you so much. Keep on educating and informing.

  12. The deleterious effect of protein on the kidney is such an enduring myth. In fact, outside of the supposed harmful effects of saturated fat, the vilification of higher protein intake is one of the oldest scare tactics employed to discourage people from doing low carb diets. People who were early adopters of the Atkins diet in the 70s, 80s, and 90s had to contend with this fiction. It has been dispelled so many times, by so many people, including nephrologists (kidney doctors) that it amazes me that this lie still thrives till this day. Pointing to elevated protein intake as a cause of kidney disease, by citing studies showing this in people who ALREADY HAVE COMPROMISED RENAL FUNCTION, is like proving that walking is bad for you by citing a study of people with broken legs, who exacerbated their leg fractures by walking. Its dishonest and asinine!

  13. My dad is 83 years old and a Hypochondria hope that right. Lol he see a doctor all the time. But he has ridden a bike since 1975 and only drinks water. But still eats can foods and restaurant foods. I know the answer but what else should I get him to change to a more specific real food diet. Or should I just throw all the can food out and make him start cooking meats and steaming vegetables.? And drinking bullets proof cocoa? He is only about 100 pounds 5'6" now and has lost alot of weight in the past years. Never was heavy he was always in good shape. He has had both knees replaced. Still gets around but he complains about stomach pains and going to the bathroom.

  14. Unfortunately I live a sedentary life (for now) do to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (was severe and was very sick). Went keto just over 2yrs ago, lost 57lbs so far and no more diabetes (but still have insulin resistance but I don't know why) I do need to know if upping my protein will kick me out ketosis as I am trying to go fully carnivore. I also don't know what macros (calories/portions) I should be consuming? I honestly hope you can help. Thanks

  15. I agree with you 99%, doc, and I sadly have a dialysis clinic in my town now too, but I don't think it's due solely to high carb diets. I think the reason for the booming dialysis industry is because of the opioid epidemic. Most pill addicts turned to heroin and contracted hepatitis which is causing their livers and kidneys to shut down. Keep up the good work though, doc.

  16. Dr Berry can you address hormones and the keto diet and how hormones affect weight loss? I heard you mention it on another video but you didnt go in depth. PLEASE do a video on hormones

  17. I read that about too much protein kills the kidneys years ago. Their so-called studies always changed with time so I never fell prey to all of that๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

  18. It sounds like this diet (which I've been on for 3 weeks now and have lost 13#) might be beneficial it dealing with my stage 3 kidney failure due to Rhabdomyolysis from 2 should surgeries followed by 3 surgeries to replace both shoulders . The last one put me in the hospital for 7 days. The doc says he will not do anymore surgeries on me because of that. So now that my knees are shot I have to do something – loose weight I figure will help and CBD oil too. Thanks for getting me on the right track Doc. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ‘

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