EJWOX Garden Compost Bin Tumbler, 43 Gallon Capacity with 2 Chambers Dual Rotating Composting Tumbler

Price: $95.99 - $89.99
(as of Mar 06,2019 20:37:47 UTC – Details)

EJWOX Tumbler Composter with this easy to use tumbler, converts your kitchen and garden waste into nutritious compost with no composting downtime. Unique 2 chamber design allows you to fill one side while the other is curing. Built-in sliding doors for easier access. Rodent-proof design. Knock-down packaged.

Product Details and Features
Brand Name: EJWOX
Style No.: 3001
Colors: Black
Product size: 28.5x26x37 inches
weight:24 lbs
material: 50% recycled plastic and 50% fresh material; steel frame


Start with the piece that the doors slide into. Line up the triangle on the doors with the triangles on the side pieces. Then put screws into the holes. Used a small hand held drill to drive the screws, but a screw driver will work. after getting the 2 sides and the door piece together you then want to add a panel above the doors then a panel under the doors. then just after you have 4 of the 7 panels together you can add the divider. After placing the middle divider add the last 3 panels . Then slide the middle bar through the holes on the side panel centers. place on the stand and use the nuts and bolts to fasten in place.

You can put in: eggshells, coffee grinds, banana peels, palm fronds, leaves or others.

This item has passed PAHS (Patan Academy of Health Sciences) test.

Dual chamber composting, separate compartments. You fill up one while the other nears the end of the compost process, the rich black stuff ready to use. Once empty, that becomes the one to fill up while the other completes the cycle
Easy slide doors will help keep track of each batch,the length of 1 door is 10.23″ and the width is 6.1
Perfectly suited for your garden and for people not wanting to mix the organic waste in their traditional compost bin
You can put it together in about 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins, depending on your speed; Easy to turn barrel, waste mixed easily, fast batch composting
43 gallon capacity, you can put in: eggshells, coffee grinds, banana peels, palm fronds, leaves or others that according to the composting instruction

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