Girl Complains About Everything, Watch What Happens Next

What do you do with that one one friend who is always complaining? Jay Shetty knows being around that kind of energy can be draining. Just as a warrior puts on physical armor, we need to put on mental and emotional armor to stay strong in the face of negativity.

Even simple things like meditating, exercise, and spending time with people who are uplifting can make a big difference. Watch this video to learn Jay Shettyโ€™s tips on how to stay strong and protect your energy in the face of complaining.

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Jay Shetty is a storyteller, podcaster, and former monk who wants to make wisdom go viral. He loves taking his own life experiences, lessons from his time as a monk, and truths he has learned to make othersโ€™ lives better.

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The term build it and it will come is false… BE IT and it will come! My name is Wil aka Hollywood Wil and I have been down, confused, depressed, lost, and didn’t know which way was up. Believe it or not watching Jay and other motivational speakers helped me a great deal. If you are not comfortable enough to talk just start watching videos until you are comfortable enough to talk to someone.

I hope you enjoy not only the videos but my entire Vlog ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. It was three days before when I was meditating i lost some where it was a forest i could hear water flowing i could fell fresh air this was just for five seconds then suddenly i felt i am in wrong place but actually it was a good feeling i decided to come back from that state and when I was coming back from that state i felt that I am loosing something as soon as I got back from the state i was still meditating and I just thought of sharing this feeling with someone my eyes were closed and suddenly a picture of your ut channel came in front of me and there was ur description box with this community number i have been following you since 4months Can you please explain me what was that state after that day today is third day and daily i while meditating automatically moves in that state where I get a different experience everytime i enter the state i feel very grateful the second time I went in that state it looked like I am motivating thousands of people and help them grow third time it was a feeling that my relations with everyone were becoming strong , sorry for the above grammatical mistake I am just 15yrs old i stay in india

    Please help me with this

  2. Honestly! I need advise regarding holding my temper when people annoys me. I tried my best not to react but I felt like acting if smile to whatever happening. I felt guilty for saying yes to everyone but in lone times I felt not open hearted person. In out of irritation today I shouted at my mom which I never did these years. Being silent also make people around me look attitudinal person.

  3. There is one good quote related with what Jay is talking about and it says "the way to move out from judgement is to move into gratitude".. So, in situations in which we are mabye surrounded with people who think negative, it's good to ask yourself : What can I learn from this person behaviour and be thankful for experience in which you can see what are you not in your essence… When you start to look positive on situations like that, it will come a time whan your positive reaction will bring you people who are same like you, positive of course ๐Ÿ™‚
    That's just my opinion

  4. WE are Energy But..the Moment you Starts creating Negative Experiences About LIFE It creates Negative Energy To destroy Ourselves But..If We Focus On Self Development And Self-Loving Experiences In LIFE it will Swift & creates Positive Energy For our Soul..! ๐Ÿ˜‡

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