Gout Diet: 10 Steps to Optimize Uric Acid (2019 Update)

A gout attack is one of the most painful things you can ever face. What if the majority of gout attacks where caused by what you eat and drink? Food and drink are the cause, but not the food and drink you might imagine.

A low-purine diet and pills are recommended to patients with gout, but is there a better way? Does eating more or less purines even really matter? It does, but in the opposite way you might think. If you know someone with gout they would be thankful for you sharing this video with them.

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  1. My mother started Keto and ended up triggering a flare-up that she was able to fully eliminate before by cutting grains. Is there any reason keto brought on a flare-up when she was flare-up free for 3 years? She was losing so much weight on keto and was doing great, but now she's back to simply grain free as she's scared of another flare-up.. believes Keto caused it. Dr. Boz did have a video explaining that it didn't cause it, but may have brought it out. Love to hear your thoughts sir! Thanks.

  2. I love fruit more than anything. But I know I shouldn't eat it. I'm diebetic, so I've started eating more berries. I love the sweetener , SWERVE. It has no bitter after taste. It's expensive, but I wait till I have a sugar crave and then I fix a pitcher of tea or cool-aid and drink it for a couple days.

  3. Certainly, you had to have known that painting was inappropriate! You are a doctor who many people look up to, people from all cultures and creed and for you to display such a racist painting is absolutely repulsive. You need to delete this vid and choose a less offensive one and consider uploading another one.

  4. My brother, who is a doctor swears that his gout attacks are not caused by the 4 glasses of wine he has every night and the high refined carbohydrate diet he eats. He and his wife, who is a radiologist believes he needs to cut back on the red meat he consumes…ugh

  5. I have Stage IV CLL … and with it exteremely high Uric Acid levels and Gout, GOUT, GOUT! I take Alipurinol… the maximum safe dosage. Keto saved me! iI still have pain, but bearbale.

  6. Since I have been on Keto I have not had Gout in three years. Since Keto increases my fluid intakes I have related my non-gout to drinking plenty of water. Great video, I still love and drink beer I just drink 3 quarts of water per day, and have not had gout in three years.

  7. Hey I am 27 6 ft 1 in and weigh 145 lbs and just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes how do I gain weight I feel too skin and bones and want more bulk but trying to cut carbs out for my diabetes

  8. You have my respect. I believe most of what you said, except one thing, Tart Cherries. Tart Cherries saved me. I'll never go back; this stopped my gout cold. Everytime I had gout this would stop it cold. You may not agree, but, in three hours this works. Game Over. Sorry, but, this works for ME; maybe not for everyone. Now no more gout attacks, but, a still keep a can just in case. When you find something that works for you you don't listen to anyone else you stick to what works consistently. I love your videos and have learned from you. Keep doin' what you do.

  9. I started keto about 6 weeks ago and feel great. I have been "dieting" since I was 13 mostly doing WW or most recently 6 meals a day per my doctor. I was always hungry. I have a new problem on keto besides hardly ever being hungry I cannot find the answer to. I cannot eat much at one time and am so afraid I am not eating enough protein. I really DON'T want to do protein powder but have been because I can only eat 3 or maybe 4 ounces per meal, usually 2 a day. So many say only count carbs and don't worry about the rest. Yes I need to lose a lot of weight but I want it to be healthy. Ipplease, how can I get in enough protein ? I know only eating 700 to 900 calories a day is not good for me long term. Please tell me if for now, should I continue the protein powder or not worry about it.

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