Herisa Flower Pens, 4 Pcs Metal Refills Dynamic Liquid Ballpoint Pens Office Supplies 0.7mm Black Ink 4 Colour Gold/Purple/White/Rose Gold with 5 Brown Velvet Bags

Price: $9.99
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Dynamic Liquid Flower Pen containsGypsophila paniculata. It is an herbaceous perennial growing to 1.2 m (4 ft)tall and wide, with mounds of branching stems covered in clouds of tiny whiteflowers in summer (hence the common name “baby’s breath”).Its naturalhabitat is on the Steppes in dry, sandy and stony places, often on calcareoussoils


Dynamic Liquid Flower Pen is made of highquality, made of colored metal, durable, with a reasonable handle structure,comfortable grip, easy to handle, high quality metal clips and precision nibs. 


Dynamic Liquid Flower Pen is available infour colors, from rose and purple to white, rose gold, these eye-catching newcolor options, you can color according to your own content.

It doesn’t matter whether you are atschool, at work, at the office or at home, and when every detail is important,Dynamic Liquid Flower Pen is the perfect tool for this job.


Size : 5.5 inch 

Quantity :

4 X Liquid Flower Pen

4 X Brown Velvet Bags

4 X Black Refills

Color: Gold, Rose Gold,White, Purple

Material: stainless steel pen tube

Warm Notice:These Gypsophila paniculata’s shelf lifeis 6 months. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Comfortable Writing Feeling Ballpoint Pen Size : 5.5 inch , Quantity : 4 pcs Ballpoint Pens , 4 pcs Pen refills and 4 pcs Brown Velvet bags, 0.7mm midpoint ballpoint pen, low viscosity black ink, no dry spots, smooth and great writing experience.
Exquisite Appearance: The exterior of our Ink refills dynamic liquid flower pen is made of colored metal, and the built in gypsophila Paniculata (herb) has four colors: gold, rose gold, white, purple, etc.
Smooth Writing Experience:Perfect performance for most of paper surface such as: notebooks, diaries, plans, legal mats, invitation cards, etc. There is no hindrance when using.
Clips on the top for holding, its easy for carry anytime and anywhere. Forget about losing the pen coz it’s too stable.
Extraordinary gift with colorful surface, looks exquisite and luxurious, is suitable for Christmas, wedding, birthday, holiday, anniversary gifts.

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