How I Used This Grocery Store App To Earn Hundreds of Dollars in Gift Cards

So am I the only one who absolutely loves grocery shopping?  I seriously look forward to it every Saturday morning.  I wake up early and make that 20 minute drive to Wegmans and Whole Foods.  Walking up every isle planning in my head all meals for the week haha I know I have issues.  I’m sure you all are familiar with the grocery store rebate apps out right?

I know I know ibotta is considered to be by many the best grocery rebate app out there.  But have you heard of Fetch Rewards?  Honestly you’d be missing out if you don’t at least try it. It’s obviously free so no harm no foul.  I first downloaded and started using Fetch Rewards almost 4 months ago.  In that short time I’ve already redeemed my points for over $350 worth of gift cards.  There are many types of gift cards from Amazon, Visa/Master cards, home good stores, retail stores, 40+ different restaurants and much more.  Download Fetch Rewards here and use the referral code 33X2K

I’m sure you all are thinking “oh no not another app.”  Or “why mess up a good thing with ibotta?”  Just know I am not trying to get you to drop ibotta.  You can still use it.  In fact you can use both effectively.  You often are able to earn double the cash back by using both ibotta and Fetch Rewards on the same purchases.

What are some of the differences between Ibotta and Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is much easier to use.  There aren’t any offers to unlock or barcodes to scan.  All you need to do is just upload your receipts!  I’d have to say the biggest difference between the two is that Fetch Rewards doesn’t care where you do your grocery shopping.  You can upload receipts from any of these types of stores – grocery, convenient, warehouse, liquor, and drug stores.  Fetch rewards also as of recently  started to accept receipts from hardware and pet stores: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, PetSmart and Petco.  


Fetch Rewards easily allows me to scan my receipt.  ibotta requires us to unlock an offer, scan the product’s barcode and then upload your receipt. So which sounds easier to you?

Main ways to earn points with Fetch Rewards

Take advantage of “Special Offers” to earn the most points with Fetch Rewards.  You’ll find about 12 of these deals when you click on the “Save” tab within the app.  For example I was able to earn 1000 points just for a 12 pack of Miller Lite because it was the special offer of the week.  Another example I earned 500 points on kraft cheese products since my kids love it.  Also under the “Save” tab is a list of brands. Whenever you upload a receipt with an item from one of the hundreds of participating brands, you’ll earn points. 

*Note if you shop at a less known store like Trader Joes or Aldis you will still receive points for your purchases.

I like to check the special offers and brands sections before I shop because it helps increase my points balance quickly. Sometimes I’ll find items that are also featured on Ibotta.

The last way to earn points with Fetch Rewards is to refer family and friends. Find your code under the “Me” tab.

Gift Card Redeeming Options

Now that I’ve explained how you earn points with Fetch Rewards, I’m going to tell you what you can do with them! Just click on the “Rewards” tab, and you’ll see the number of points available to redeem for gift cards. You only need a minimum of 3000 rewards points to redeem a gift card.

FYI some retail gift cards can be redeemed in stores, others may be online only. However they are delivered immediately via email.  For example Amazon, Walmart and Target are a few of the many gift card options. Southwest Airlines, Hulu and more.

*Note you are not able to redeem multiple gift cards at the same time. For security reasons Fetch Rewards requires a 6 hr wait time between gift card redemption.

Overall I think both apps are great and they are even better when used together.  Download Fetch Rewards here and use my referral code 33X2K





I hope you enjoyed my blog post and please feel free to leave a comment good or bad.

Until next time

Hollywood Wil

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