How to Eat LOW-CARB on a Budget (Keto/LCHF/Banting for LESS 💲💲💲)

Here are some great hacks on how to eat low-carb on a budget. Whether you are starting a ketogenic diet, LCHF diet or Banting diet, these tips & tricks will help you improve your health without emptying your wallet.

Some low-carb foods can be quite expensive, and can make the idea of trying a low-carb diet prohibitive. With the hacks contained in this video, you can eat a healthy low-carb diet and still have enough money left to cover the rent!

If you worry about red-meat and/or processed meat causing cancer then you need to watch these 2 videos, because if money is tight, then red meat and processed meat may be the best you can do right now.
Red Meat Vid:
Processed Meat Vid:
Red meat and processed meat are safe, and will not cause cancer, and are part of keto/lchf/banting on a budget. Enjoy…

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  1. Dear Dr Berry, thankyou for your great posts. I was wondering, how come Glucose Neurogenisis is important in Keto diets but not in a carnivor diet? Wont all that meat turn to Glucose if you have a lot? Hope you can help me. Greetings from New Zealand.

  2. Hello, doctor! My husband has high blood pressure (160/100) but not taking medication. He’s been on Keto for about 10 days. I just checked his bp and it’s still at that level. How long can we wait to see his blood pressure go down, please? Can he safely stay on Keto for much longer? I’m almost afraid he’ll get a heart attack:(.

  3. There's a couple of fundamental questions regarding Keto I'd like you to respond to if you could. In the weight-loss phase, for those doing keto for that purpose, how do you lose fat by eating fat? May I presume it's because you ultimately consume very little food due to satiation responses? And while in a specific weight-loss phase one should keep food intake to a minimum while looking to keep the nutritional value of what one does consume to a maximum? i.e. if you're consuming sufficient fuel by way of fats won't your body ignore the stored stuff?

    Also, how does any weight-loss fat-reduction diet not involve ketosis? How can any diet that involves fat-loss/burning not involve ketosis? And if the body can break down stored fat into ketones and glycogens and fuel on the glycogens and discard the ketones (by way of general calorie intake restriction) why not just do that? Does that argument become about insulin levels?

  4. Thank you so much for all your wonderful information packed videos. I stumbled across you a few days ago (Friday to be exact) and have been mesmorized ever since with not only learning about the Keto nutritional way of eating (which, I converted to that day), but your mission for honesty, integrity and sencerity to stand up and educate and dismantle the lies and misinformation from those powerful medical, educational and media based entities we've been manipulated by for decades and have impacted the human condition to the state it's in at present. I find it disturbing, to say the very least, to know or have it confirmed, we have been and continue to be lied to d misled by those entities we look to for expertise in our health. Wanting to believe a doctor cares and has our best interest at heart, since we are not educated in medicine as a doctor would be, is truly disheartening when one begins to learn your best interests really are NOT their concern (not to say they don't exactly care, but when they are choosing to place people in danger, because they refuse to stay on top of research, which could help people…then I consider the behavior negligent and reckless). As I watch your videos I find myself feeling both sad and angry, because I watched my parents and many other loved ones needlessly suffer…when there was knowledge of a better way available, including myself. My sincere apologies for the "soap boxing", but I want to thank you so much for opening my eyes and educating people in what is really going on and providing resources for information, so we can continue to educate ourselves. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and I am looking forward to becoming healthy and informed =)

  5. Thank you for this…I have been spending a huge portion of my paychecks just on food to eat Keto. Honestly I can totally see why the rich are thin and the poor are fat. It costs a lot of money to eat healthy !!! Something is wrong in this world when eating a simple whole foods diet is prohibitive.

  6. They had pork loins on sale, no bones to waste, not much fat either, so I bought 7 of them, you can do so much with them. I tried making meatballs with pork loin, but kinda dry, because it's mostly white meat, but I'm gonna try it again. I love the Doc,

  7. Have to watch the canned fish.. often it is packed in canola oil. (at least it is here in Canada) – they sure do want us Canadians gobbling up that Canola! They shove that junk in everything!

  8. Dr. Berry I so enjoy your videos, thank you for the wealth of info. I watched your video on thyroid and Im curious . I started Low Carb / wheat-free eating Aug. 1st, 2016, then switched to Keto April 22,2017. I lost over that period 42 lb. then just stalled, so for over a yr. now. Even picking back up 18.lbs, of which 9 are back off. I continue to eat this way because I feel so much better and was able to get off BP Meds. But it is so hard for me to lose and keep it off, they checked TSH said it was okay, was 4. Something. But I have so many of the signs like Im still fat, 193 at 5’5. No energy, hair falling out like crazy, no outer eyebrows, no excitement for life, Arthritis in spine, tested positive for RH. Hey also. My question is this, if You get thyroid medicine will it help you lose weight and fix all those things? I thought going Keto would fix it all. Thanks! Becky!

  9. Where I live, Grocery Outlet and the .99 store save me $$. At Grocery Outlet I get cheese (including some imported and 'exotic' cheeses), meat, organic whole milk (for my SCD yogurt), meats, nuts, olive oil, eggs… They have an aisle with Almond flour, psyllium husk, chia seed, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc, at usually half the cost of regular stores or amazon.
    At the .99 store I mostly get produce. Best quality first thing in the morning. Also small bottles of real vanilla extract and small packages of coconut flour (for when I run out at the end of the month). I live in Central California.

  10. I was so happy to find out that pecans are a definite "can eat" on Keto. I have about 14 pecan trees on my property and we are going to be harvesting pretty soon. We always have pecans in our deep freezer (yep, I'm from the South, too) and I was snacking on some earlier this evening. In case people are unaware, the smaller the pecan, the sweeter the nut meat. The larger ones can sometimes be a bit bitter.

  11. Love your messages, Dr. Berry and follow you closely. I have one thing to add to your message. When you start the Keto Diet and quit buying processed food, you actually start saving Money! Think about the expense of: Chips, Cookies, Breads, Packaged Foods (rice mixes, pasta mixes, macaroni & cheese, etc.), sodas, cereals, snack crackers, etc. I went from almost $150 per week to $100 per week for my groceries. I buy fresh vegetables, grass fed beef and organic chicken, kerrygold butter, several cheeses and heavy whipping cream. My life is so much simpler since I don't have to sort through boxes to decide what to fix for dinner. My husband doesn't think he's on Keto…but he is eating healthier and feeling fuller. 😉 Bless you for continuing to educate us!!

  12. What is considered ketogenic diet, I read about 20 carbs a day, sometimes between 20 and 50. What is correct and is that net carbs (ex fibre)?? Thank yoy very much for answering.

  13. Who else had a weight watchers ad before this video? 😂😂😂 i'm so glad i found this guy! He finally helped me make my mind up to reverse my type 2 diabetes with keto! Thanks!!! 😃

  14. I have a question. Is it a good idea to cycle the proteins and veggies on a day to day basis? Say for example, I have eggs and low carb homemade chilli one day and the next, it’s no meat, I have veggie soup with added fats like avacado or olive oil. Trying to balance my protein, fat and vegetables in every meal is difficult so I’ve been doing it this way to kind of get different macros on different days. Is this a good way of going about this diet?

  15. I’m Really struggling because I have Crohn’s and one of my trigger foods/I’m allergic to eggs and I’m allergic to shellfish and fish …But I have done the bone broth and it’s amazing

  16. You are lucky if you can get pecans cheap. They are like $20/kg here. Some great tips in this video though…thank you for making it. Canning is a really cool idea, I will have to look into that.

  17. I found a Family that has a bunch of Chickens and they don't even collect the Eggs … I made a deal with them that I would make some nests and collect those eggs plus go find the hidden nests … I will sort the eggs, clean the fresh ones and boil the old (not Fresh) eggs and moosh those up for Chicken Feed and split the fresh ones with them … they didn't/don't want any of the eggs but think that my mooshed up Chicken Feed is cool.
    They just like the Roosters Crowing and then watching them all (I have to agree, I like watching them as well) … it is a win win

  18. I’ve read ground eggshells is good to add to dogs’ food. I’ve got one with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia so always reading about weird crap for dogs. She’s been at <7% HCT 3 times in one year so technically shouldn’t have survived. I must’ve done something right because it’s almost one year since her last transfusion!! Now I need to get myself healthy.

  19. I definitely have seen the benefits of reducing carbs, went from eating 6 slices (or sometimes more) of bread daily to 0 and I feel fuller on every meal despite eating less food. The one thing I have to ask though, I know that while my carb intake is low, it's still higher than 24 grams per day, maybe double that (rice is a massive staple in our country and very hard to remove completely). How does that affect my ketogenic state?

    I have lost 5 pounds very effortlessly just by reducing my carb intake. Is what I am doing hindering my ketogenic state from getting faster at processing fat? I occassionally do intermittent fasting as well.

  20. Hey Dr Berry, I'm a new sub. And I am so glad I found your channel! I'm on day 6 and I already feel better! However, I do have a question. Headaches,? I've been having them daily since I started. I haven't given up coffee so I know that's not the cause. Is this normal? And will it pass?

  21. Bless you for mentioning home canning. I have been hot water canning for about half a century, and last year discovered pressure canning. I have become addicted to it. It gives you a shelf stable product that can last years, and you are not paying for the hydro to keep food frozen. I only have a small electric pressure canner (4 pints per load, or 6 half pints), I can buy a whole turkey, can the bigger chunks of meat (raw pack or cooked meat) and use the bones for my bone broth, which I also can. Buy a whole ham. East what you want fresh, and can the rest. From trial and error, found we prefer our veggies fresh or frozen, but there are great deals at farmer's markets in the fall. One last thing – you cannot pressure can food in an Instant Pot. It must be labeled a pressure canner.

  22. Great tips. I think I'm gonna be eating a lot of eggs, chicken legs, pecans, ground beef and spinach.
    Spent all day yesterday watching keto videos psyching myself up. If I can lose just 40lbs I'll have a huge wardrobe to wear and will feel semi normal again. Thanks Doc. I watched the ad so you'll make some 💰!

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