How to find a Low-Carb/KETO Doctor (Doctors who Get It-2019)

Nothing is quite so disappointing as finding out about the Proper Human Diet, start seeing immediate benefits in your health, and then have your doctor tell you that keto will kill you!
Never again will you have to endure the struggle with your health-care provider when it comes to your diet.

Eating a Proper Human Diet is the foundation upon which your build your mental and physical health. Use this video to find a doctor near you who understands low-carb, keto, or even the carnivore diet. You’ll be glad you did.

Many people don’t know they have options when it comes to their healthcare provider. Being given a heads up about this video could help them a great deal.

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Ken D Berry, MD, FAAFP, is a Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, having seen over 20,000 patients in his career so far.

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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about finding a doctor. Here's an interesting fact. When doctors in Israel went on strike because they were getting paid the same as bus drivers, the death rate went down.

  2. I have had great luck with all my Naturopathic Drs. They all work with low carb and Keto diets. Super well versed on this and supplements both. Very supportive and knowledgeable.

  3. Being on one of these lists, does not make the Listed Doctor a decent person either:
    In my area what I have found are concierge doctors, who charge very high amounts and do not accept medical insurance. They certainly over-price themselves from the reach of the average person. NO WAY can I afford $850.00 for a Doctors Visit, in order to tell me what I already know and understand.

  4. Hello from Mumbai, India. 50 days back I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and all the different doctors told me the same thing – a carbohydrate diet + medicines for life. It was devastating for me as a 30 yr old. I had my entire life ahead of me. nothing seemed to be working and my glucose was always high. One day I just decided – this is it. I refuse to live this way and I decided to go to war with diabetes. I started to research about it on my own. I somehow found your channel and it inspired me so much, I threw away all my medicines. Slowly I learnt more and more with my own research and of course your channel and my initial a1c score dropped from 7.5 to 5.9 in just 50 days. I had been doing intermittent fasting and low carb diet. For the last 20 days I had been on OMAD. I lost about 30 pounds (no exercise). I don't think I can thank you enough for your work and I hope I meet you in person someday and thank you. I have learnt that Diabetes was in fact a blessing in disguise because now I feel younger, I look great and I am doing way better than my twenties, now. I wish there were more doctors like you here in India who actually care. You taught me that I can take care of myself on my own if I am aware. Millions of thanks and regards.

  5. Thank you , Thank you ! For this information Dr Berry 💖 I was type 2 diabetes, been put on insulin pump.. Always told 40 or more carbs a meal , and gained 160 pds, lost my zest for life. BUT 6 years ago , I went on a mission of health and started in paleo,, then lowcarb, then clean eating, finally to keto, and stopped counting calories, stop listening to my nutritionist, and stood up to my endocrinologist and said I'm doing keto and my blood work proof showed its working. Doctors still not sold on my journey because, I'm not losing weight, they want me to do bariatric surgrey. I NEED A DOCTOR THAT GETS IT. AND ME. My life is going by and i want to live . 20 years of this. Crazy situation. Again, Thank you so much for this information. 💖

  6. To those who are saying there is nobody in their area, I suggest you do an online search of doctors in your area and call around. I'm sure there are quite a few practices that don't even know these lists exist!

  7. I think the problem is that in my area, there is a shortage of doctors, and the few there are, are not taking new patients. Right now I see a PA, who is skeptical of keto but is at least happy that I've lost weight on it. I wish I had a doctor who was 100% behind me, but I feel lucky just to have any med professional right now

  8. Hey Dr Berry, my daughter asked me the other day if sweet flavored toothpaste will kick you out of ketosis? I told her I did not know the answer to that but I know who to ask. Thanks Doc.

  9. Virta Health has had some amazing clinical results with helping REVERSE Type II diabetes!! Keto royalty, Dr.s phinney and Volek, are both involved in this great company too!

  10. In Southeast Michigan, my Dr. does a Mediterranean Diet for herself, but was excited for my husband and I to do the Keto, and has been VERY supportive of it. She has also seen my A1c go from 6.9 to 4.8 because of it.
    Mona Khater MD, Warren, Mich.

  11. Thanks Ken. Contacted a local Keto Doc. near me from your links. Hopefully I can get an initial consultation to pick their brain a little. My current obese Doc. loves Statins just does not get it.

  12. I have been my own doctor for the past nearly eighteen years. I recently found a Osteopath and went to see her at request of my insurance company. I explained to her the negativity that I have received in the past regarding doctors and how I have been my own doctor and it's been working just fine. She understood. She let me drive. She asked me about how I felt about certain things and when I said no she didn't push. And then they drew blood ,….well well what do you know everything in normal range I even reversed my type 2 diabetes. And my blood pressure was normal.

  13. Does anyone know a naturopath or Keto Doctor in TN? Specially in middle tn? (Nashville area) I can't travel far bc I'm bed bound, & I have a bad case of RA & as much as these videos are informative my case is pretty bad & I need help. Pls let me know. Thank you😢😢

  14. Hey Dr. Berry. This is going to be a long comment, sorry in advance. I found you about a week ago and you are truly amazing. I've learned so much so far and won't stop until I watch every single one of your videos. I thrive off Keto knowledge. I don't expect an answer but would greatly appreciate it. I've been doing Keto now for about 7 months. I live in southern Utah, and while we are considered a 'healthy' state, I can't get behind that. I work at a hospital who claims to be health-friendly, but…no. Not at all. You have state dietitians for all these hospitals telling patients to eat more carbs and sugars because they're good for you. This is what they teach them at school. If this is a benchmark for a healthy state, I'm truly disgusted. We have about 90k people in this town and I can't suggest one single doctor or expert to any of my patients. A couple months ago I started incorporating into my daily work routine to talk to at least one of my patients about Keto, or at the very least the harmful effects of carbs and sugar. I have at least 60-70 hours of research logged about Keto (The health benefits, destructive causes of carbs/sugars, etc.), and still need to learn so much more, and have from you. Thank you so much for this channel. For about a month now I've been wanting to start up some kind of seminar about Keto. Also, until I found your channel, I've been wanting to create an informative youtube channel about Keto, and just cooking food in general. Now it's just cooking, and I'll use you and your/my references. So finally to my questions, what would you suggest be the best way to start up a Keto Youtube channel, and seminars in my area? It will be a ways off at least for the seminars because I need to learn a lot more. But if you could help me out so my town isn't left in the dark, I'd like to make a huge impact in this area and help save and change lives for the better. Thanks for reading! Oh and anybody is welcome to reply and help out if you have knowledge!

  15. Doc, I really do need your help!

    Do you know of any Doctors in the Seattle & Puget Sound area in Washington State that are Keto Friendly and Keto Knowledgeable? I'm scared that I'm pre-diabetic and I need someone to do more than just prescribe the next pill on their list to me!

    Please help me, Doc!

  16. Dr. Berry- My husband and I started Keto in March. He is T2 Diabetic and this is why we started it because he was eating so many pills with a lot of undesirable side effects. The doctor even threatened insulin, which will affect his CDL (he is a truck driver). We are looking for a new doctor to support Keto. This is my issue: He is not overweight! At all! This doesn’t seem to be the norm with T2. What can I do to support him with a good calorie intake when he shouldn’t lose any weight? Btw, I am doing Keto to support him, but I have some pounds to lose, and I’m down 30#. Thank you for you videos, I’ve learned so much!

  17. My dr is part of Kaiser Permanente- they seem to be lock step against keto for diabetics as it is not “A sustainable-lifestyle”my dr just happen to mention that he was the head guy educating the rest of the dr’s. I had a phone call with him and expressed my issues and asked about keto and IF. He was kind,but seemed to shut it down rather quickly. He said there was no credible peer reviewed studies on this issue. Can anyone point me to any? Or is he correct? I’m gonna see him in person for the first time in about 30days. And God willing I’ll have 30days of keto under my belt.

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