Intermittent Fasting: 7 More Things You Should Know – 2019

Part 2 of Intermittent Fasting: Things you should know.
Here are some more things you might not know about intermittent fasting. Rather than being hard on your body, fasting activates ancient powers withing your body to regenerate, revitalize and renew you.

Intelligent people and wise cultures have used fasting for healing and recharging since before recorded history began. Fasting is as natural as drinking water or breathing air or eating real food.
Don’t fear fasting, use it to change your life and your health…

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  1. Is it necessary to clean out your bowel before fasting by drinking something like glaubers salt? Are enemas during fasting necessary? Would be great if you could explain how to prepare for a fast (mentaly, physicaly…).

  2. Hi Dr Berry, I am doing IF and I'm starting the Keto Diet, I'm a Gastric Sleeve patient, 7 months out. I keep seeing different times a woman should do it. Some I've read IF less days and times, the others say longer fasts a few times a week is best. I also seen that as a wls patient we can't do longer that the 16:8 because of our restriction. What is your opinion? Thanks Doc!!!

  3. Hello everyone,
    I just found this wonderful man.. and his channel AND, KETO.
    I was already into IF for over a year. But not Keto. Is it just me???
    But eating bacon and eggs tonight for dinner … I almost had an anxiety attack. Did anyone else feel this way transitioning into Fat??? Rewiring the brain is harder than I thought!
    I am SUPER happy that I “ got it” now and looking forward to even more optimal health. Btw.. I’m 66
    and live this lifestyle. If we don’t have our health… we have nothing. Bless 🙏these cutting edge doctors to really help us all.

  4. There is spiritual aspect to fasting. I’m not religious or spiritual. But when I’m 3-4 days into a fast, I have some amazing thoughts. God, is that you?

  5. Just finished 31h fasting i could go longer but i hate going to sleep while fasting, you are cold and hunger annoys you. Wanted to beat my old record of 48h but couldn't, well there will be another time, anything over 16h is good. Can confirm while my last fast my depression got lowered by 90%, anxiety not so much since fasting is stressful for a body however i noticed my allergy (and inflammation) is much lower i can breath deeper. I was 110kg in february of this year now i'm at 88kg and still losing weight.

  6. Intermittent fasting 7 more things you should know:
    1. Fasting is not the same as calorie restriction
    2. You might have withdrawal symptoms
    3. Fasting might cause autophagy
    4. You will increase testosterone and growth hormone
    5. Your skin will get better
    6. Your depression, anxiety, PTSD will get better
    7. You will burn more fat

  7. Hey Dr. Berry, thanks for all the free information you are providing. I am in such a better shape than I was 3 months before when I found your channel. Please do a video on varicoceles and natural ways that can help the condition. thanks so much.

  8. I’m 70 and never been badly over weight but due to my age I needed to loose about 10 pounds so started IF and the pounds just fell away but not only that I’ve gained all the other benefits as well and feel much better in lots of other ways.
    I will never go back to three or more meals a day and if you’re my age or older IF will give you a new lease of well being,it’s never to late to start.Thank you Ken D Berry MD.

  9. i do OMAD and my skin became better, eating only meat for 2 weeks my excema was gone, now i put eggs and bacon to my diet, skin becomes bad again!
    Dont know if its the egg or the bacon (histamin?)
    Still have a long way to go!

  10. Had a dude on a 40 day fast. I worked for a ministry. He was driving our bus loaded with guys and started driving erratic. He was covering one eye with his hand. He was losing his eyesight.😂Talk about a bus full of people panicking. He was out of his mind hallucinating, talking to God, going blind driving like a maniac. The bus broke out in spontaneous prayer as he flew through a red light. Peoples heads were bouncing off the top of the bus while ol Bubba was cruising along, speaking in tongues, covering one eye trying to get his sight back with not a care in the world. We kissed the ground when we finally arrived at our destination as the Lord was truly with us. Bubba was forced to break his fast that day. He did make 40 days. It was the hardest I have ever laughed in my life!

  11. I have a few questions. I do not want to lose weight I am happy with my 172lbs/78kg. How many times should I fast a week(with keto)? Should I eat more on the non-fasting days?

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