IQ and Fluoride: What's a Parent to Do??

With the release of the recent JAMA-Pediatrics article, the issue of Fluoridated water and child IQ is back in the news. JAMA-Peds would never have published this article, due to it’s controversial nature, if they didn’t believe this was an Important conversation.
If swallowing lots of Fluoride really helps prevent cavities then we should do it. Unless, it leads to other, more important consequences, like lowered IQ.

We all want our children to be as smart as they can be, but what if something in the water is robbing them of 3 IQ points before they even get started? Is this new study the only study ever published showing this association between ingested Fluoride and lowered IQ?

Parents want to do everything possible to give their children a head start. A child with lower IQ is at a disadvantage, but so is a child with a mouth full of rotten teeth. So, what’s a parent to do? In this video I discuss the recent JAMA-Peds study, the other studies which don’t seem to get talked about, how the human brain develops, and what I do as a parent, and recommend for you to do as well.

Is Fluoridated water a neurotoxin?? Let’s dive in to this important topic.

Cavities declining in all countries, even without F (Fluoride) in water:

Soft drinks high in F:
Soft drinks high in F:
Fruit juices high in F:

F applied to tooth surface gives benefit:
53 studies link F with reduced IQ:
Maternal F ingestion alters child’s cognition:
Adverse effect of high F exposure on children’s neurodevelopment:
F exposure negative correlation with IQ

27 study meta-analysis showing association between high F and low IQ
Mexican study showing F associated with lower IQ:
JAMA-Peds study:

33% of U.S. residents water not fluoridated:
68% of Can residents water not fluoridated:
97% of E.U. residents water not fluoridated:

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  1. For some of us, every 1/10 of an IQ score counts. I stopped drinking city water when my last baby was born in California and the doc said to not to let her ingest it because the fluoride levels could ruin her teeth. Seems backwards from what dentists say.

  2. My sister and I were given fluoride tablets daily for many years. The dentist said fluoride stops the teeth from forming deep indents so there is less of a dip for food to sit in. He said he could tell who had been given fluoride and who had not. Well that worked for my sister and I which is a positive. The slight negative is I have a small white spot on one tooth and a pit on another tooth (both symptoms of fluorosis). Just to add, my IQ is 137.

  3. Not sure what to do then to avoid added fluoride if our city adds it into our public drinking water already and the water purifiers in our fridge or sink doesn’t get rid of the fluoride. Reverse osmosis systems in the home are expensive as well. Any other suggestions to try to avoid added fluoride in drinking water? Just worried! Thanks! Great video!

  4. The ADA is going into overtime on this one! I worked in a dental office when the controversy surrounding mercury in dental fillings hit the news. People were lining up to have all their silver fillings replaced. Not a single one of them inquired about the safety of a bunch of chemicals that could only be hardened by a blue light, being used as a replacement.

  5. Don't forget to make your own toothpaste, commercials toothpaste have fluoride on them. Iodine can replace fluoride so get Iodine supplements or eat food rich in iodine like seaweed and sea kelp.

  6. I never even thought about foods that are made with water!!!! WOAH! I am lucky enough to have lived in places that never fluoridated their water but had not considered it coming from somewhere else! Thanks again Dr. Berry!!! You are amazing, keep making the world a better place!

  7. Funny how at 8-22-19, 11:47 am eastern looks to be 5 comments, only 3 are shown, what is Youtube hiding. Fluoride is corrosive, Doc. do deeper research in Alcoa. I distill all my drinking water, and for any vegetables I wash. And how can they dose in our water the same for adults as children. And why are (They) Dosing us at all?

  8. …I PURCHsAED A WATER DISTILLER about 3 months ago…, i feel better and can think more clearly…..the tan colored powder left in the container is smelly and disgusting and i have been drinking it for over 30 years…yikes…

  9. Funny that you even talk about soft drinks and fruit drinks to avoid fluoride – don't you already recommend against that as a general nutrition guideline? Avoid SUGAR? I've been collecting my own rainwater for drinking and cooking for several years. And I've been collecting information to approach my city council to eliminate fluoride from our tap water because I don't even want to absorb it in my skin in the shower. Studies have ALSO shown that fluoride is implicated in alzheimers and other neurological issues so really all of us should protect ourselves from it, not just for the young children.

  10. @KenDBerryMD PLEASE Consider this, I have researched ways of removing fluoride from water a considerable amount. But, first thing because you pointed it out, and most people likely do not believe it, Tap water filters and jug filters Do Not Remove Fluoride! Many people have purchased those cheap fluoride test kits, think are around $15.00 usd, and they indicate a fluoride drop when water is passed through above mentioned filters. Yes, I do really believe they do show this, but I also know for a fact that filtering water as above can not remove fluoride. What the people need to consider is all the ways that passing water through something can cause those CHEAP test kits to indicate a FALSE Result. And another thing, those Cheap test kits are not rated in any way as to the accuracy, repeatability and other important aspects. Now, The MAIN POINT of this post, you said that Distilling removes fluoride and that RO Filters remove it. My research shows that distilling does not work because, if I remember correct (I am at work and do not have my notes here) fluoride boils off at about the same temperature as water, and so, nothing withing the scope of affordability of the typical person will work. Now for RO, the problem here is that the fluoride molecule is the SAME SIZE as a water molecule, and so, if you FILTER out fluoride you also filter out water, net result, nothing comes out of the filter. Now for something that, as far as I know, has never been done. A TEST! A REAL Test. Nobody has ever tested any sort device that is marketed to the public as to how effective it is at removing fluoride. I barley get by financially, but, I may be willing to PARTIALLY FUND a CHEAP research project to test the above mentioned methods. If I recall correct, I think an accurate enough lab test from an accredited lab is around $350.00. Not sure how many samples that covers. I do know how to take samples, know the proper methods and tools, and can get those supplies, very cheap. But, maybe you would consider, with me, seeing if we can put together some kind of a CHEAP but effective project that can PROVE with no doubt if the average person can afford to remove fluoride from their drinking water, and also if it is affordable to remove it from their Bathing / Shower water also.

  11. 26yrs ago I took my kids off all city and purchased water, bought an alkaline Singer water machine that removes nearly EVERYTHING, no more even drinking water at their schools, they brought water bottles; we changed their toothpaste, and their diets in general….no more attitude issues! No more diagnosis of ADHD, and they are now 33 and 29yrs old
    People, listen to Dr Berry ! This is NOT new news, it’s just taken this long to get some traction !!!!

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