Jillian Michaels is Right about the Keto Diet? (Is Keto Dangerous?)

The ketogenic way of eating is getting popular, and it may be cutting into the profits of those who have made millions promoting calorie restriction and exercise. Eating lots of healthy fat, moderate protein and very low carbs has helped many people reverse obesity and chronic disease they thought was permanent.

Jillian Michaels is a very famous and successful fitness trainer. She is a great proponent of exercise as a method of weight loss. She was a celebrity trainer on the TV program Biggest Loser for a few years. Wonder why they have never had a Biggest Loser reunion show? Can you guess why?

Calorie restriction is the wrong paradigm for weight loss. The calorie restriction hypothesis of weight loss has been around for 100 years, and yet we somehow still have epidemics of obesity, fatty liver, type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases of diet. Either you are a worthless glutton and sloth, or calorie restriction is a worthless paradigm for meaningful, long-term weight loss.

Article about Biggest Loser’s Regain: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/02/health/biggest-loser-weight-loss.html
Another Biggest Loser Regain Article: https://idmprogram.com/biggest-loser-diet-explained/

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Jillian’s Fat Burner Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Jillian-Michaels-Maximum-Strength-Fat-Burner-Weight-Loss-Capsules-56-Ct/

Jillian evidently Hates Police?: https://soundcloud.com/jillian-hates-cops/jillians-lost-podcast-her-true

Low Carb Research: http://bit.ly/LowCarbResearch

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  1. Dr Berry Keto has changed my life. I started in April 18 at 234 pounds. My A1C was 6.9. The Dr wanted to put me on Metformin. I started keto and in 1 month my A1C went to 5.9. No Metformin. I now weigh 175 pounds and feel great. I do have one cheat meal a week. Im never going back to the way I ate before. Keto has been a life changer for me. Thanks for all the great videos. Also I used to have sleep apnea and its gone because I lost the weight.

  2. A great rebuttal and what makes me very sad is how many people who are desperate for the keto solution and the relief it provides might now waste time going down other paths. It’s irresponsible and can add to people’s suffering.

  3. I did Keto & I regretted it. In late December 2014 to mid March 2015, I lost 85 lbs, allergies went away, skin issues cleared up & breathing issues went away when I went on Keto. I don't recommend Keto to people. I still have not recouped that weight since then. How dare this make me feel so much better!

  4. The plan that Ms. Jillian Michaels has always promoted is one of burning excess carbohydrates by exercise. Why not just stop eating the excess carbs? Some people cannot exercise enough due to physical issues. Should they be excluded from eating heathy AND losing weight? NO!

    For type two diabetics, Metformin and insulin injections are designed to lower carbs by artificial means. Why not just reduce the carbs going in?
    Food should be more about nutrients than “only” eating something because it tastes good. And, there are plenty of good tasting foods that are Keto friendly.

    Dr. Jason Fung has other great research and YouTube videos.
    Also, check out the Keto Connect channel.

    Disclaimer/Confession: I love eating carbs. BUT, I need to eat better in order to feel better. Sure the chocolate gives me a sugar high and has caffeine, but a prolonged diet of junk food is killing me.
    In general, the older people get, the more sick our bodies get from eating the SAD (Standard American Diet).
    It’s all about what YOU are willing to do in order for YOU to feel better.

    God bless you in your efforts (and mine).

    P.S. Thanks for the video Doc!

  5. I love that you did this. It was nicely done. I appreciate the videos from Dr. Berg, Thomas DeLauer, and Keto Connect however I am willing to put money on it she did all of this for PR to sell more books and product. She clearly did not educate herself prior to her videos on Keto and I find it infuriating people are giving her all the attention, like Al Roker and Andy Cohen. She loves all the attention and it drives me batty. But seriously so glad you guys countered it to educate your followers.

  6. 2 years in. My A1c went from over 11 on metformen and glipizide to 5,3 on no meds. My LDL is down and HDL is up. I've lost over 50 pounds. No turning back for me. Do you have a video on large particle vs small particle LDL?

  7. As a certified holistic health coach, I'm curious if anybody/who has experiences with reducing somebody's extremely high Anti Thyroid Peroxidase number (1500) using a keto diet and intermittent fasting! TIA for sharing.

  8. Everything you said is true.. I am 70 years old tried everything love this diet only lost 40 lbs but I can live it . This has helped my blood sugar like nothing has been able to.. I have been on about 6 months.. I feel better and look better at my age that is a real blessing. Thank you

  9. Wow! Keto Diet even works on your family dog!
    Wow, you really a humanity doctor.
    All Doctors out that only have tiny portion of nutritional health, please learn more on it & do the right thing & help your patience become healthy

  10. I've been eating strict keto with intermittent fasting since July 2018 – have never felt better – so far lost 25#. This will be for life for me. Still learning though. Just came home from a week at an all inclusive beach vacation – stayed on keto choices as much as possible but ate 3 meals/day instead of intermittent fasting. Gained 9#! What did I do wrong!?

  11. The problem is that because most people are stupid, they can't possibly do without their chips, chocolate, sugar, cakes, biscuits, icecream, alcohol, pasta, rice, potatoes, all processed food, etc, etc, etc, because they have little will power and are weak minded, so they would rather kills themselves decades earlier by eating all that shit on a daily basis. And because all that shit is easily accessible and you can buy 2 minute dinners, etc from the shop, the majority of people can't even cook a healthy meal now days. They are just friggin lazy and would prefer to die early. They still believe in old wives tales from a hundred years ago, like breakfast is the most important meal of the day when in fact it is the most detrimental to weight loss and being healthy.

  12. I appreciate you addressing JM's comments. I don't really care for her or her opinion very much. That aside, I agree with you that her comment about ketosis being a "state of emergency" is coming from a place of ignorance.

  13. The problem with people who say fatty meats are bad for you:
    – If they are talking about mass produced cheap supermarket meats, then they are correct
    – If you are talking about naturally raised or wild meats, then they are wrong
    Just something I continually see overlooked and I'm guessing is also overlooked and not addressed in many studies.

  14. I started Keto and IF back in August when I was 390# and my A1C was 10.9. In 4 months, I have dropped 40# and my A1C dropped to 5.3. I still have a lot of weight to lose but I would never be able to lose it if I continued eating the crappy food that I used to eat. The hardest thing for me right now is that I do almost all of the cooking in the house and my family refuses to give up the crap. It gets hard to fix foods that I love without putting it on my plate but I am determined to stay on this journey until I reach my goal.

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