JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Test Strips, 150 Strip MEGA Pack, Best Kit for Accurate Water Quality Testing to Determine Soft or Hard Water

Price: $24.99 - $13.98
(as of Mar 11,2019 00:50:51 UTC – Details)

Do you want a quick and easy way to see if you would benefit from a water softener or to test your current system to see if it is working to its full potential?

Introducing the complete at home water testing kit for your daily needs from JNW Direct. Our water hardness testing kit includes 150 strips.

We have come out with what we believe to be the best water test strips for accurate and consistent results for finding whether your water is soft or hard.

Important tips:
– Store in a cool dry place to ensure freshness and longevity of strips.
– Also to ensure freshness, when you take out a strip, put the lid back on properly and keep the bottle in the box.
– If you ever have questions email us and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your results, the product or for any other help!
– Download your “Information You Need to Know About Your Water – Soft or Hard” bonus ebook for everything you need to know about the tests / parameters and general water hardness info.
– Do not remove desiccant packets and read instructions carefully before use.
– If you suspect your strips to be defective or they have turned brown please contact me at support@jnwdirect.com with pictures of the tested strip(s) and I will fix the problem with you.

Amazon buyers worldwide trust our brand. We already have hundreds of happy customers. You also get a LIFETIME money back guarantee on all products manufactured and sold by JNW Direct when you order today.

But hurry, We cannot guarantee this special launch price for much longer! We are also only including the bonus e-book titled “Information you need to know about your water – soft or hard” for a limited time. Click “Add to Cart” now to get peace of mind.

CHECK YOUR WATER SOFTENER! Quickly and easily test to see if your water softener is working as efficiently as expected or if it was set up properly. Also keep tabs on your water conditioning and reverse osmosis systems
EXTREMELY EASY TO USE water test kit, Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. Simply dip and compare with large color chart on bottle. No more calling the plumber to test your water or going to the hardware store
150 STRIPS MEANS 150 TESTS – Each water hardness test strip provides accurate and fast results for all water sources including home faucets & taps, well water, fresh and salt water pools, spas, hot tubs, drinking water, aquariums and many more
NEVER HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT YOUR WATER QUALITY, our total hardness water test strips comes with a great e-book explaining what your results mean and everything you need to know about the hardness of your water
IMPROVE YOUR WATER SUPPLY. Do you have soft or hard water? The right levels can mean cloth diapers and towels come out of the laundry soft and comfortable and many other benefits. Also a must for RV’ers with portable water softeners

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