Kelly Price, Jason Dirden and Sinqua Walls Share Why You Will Love AMERICAN SOUL | American Soul

The world didn’t know what it took for Don Cornelius to bring ‘Soul Train’ to the small screen until now, with AMERICAN SOUL. Kelly Price, Jason Dirden, Robert Townsend, and Sinqua Walls share the struggles Don faced, all during the time of war, to create ‘Soul Train’, a show loved by millions. As well as, take you inside AMERICAN SOUL, to give you a glimpse of how BET will bring this story to light without shying away from many of the harsh realities that Don Cornelius came up against and had to battle within himself. All set against some of the best music one will ever hear. Be sure to watch AMERICAN SOUL, a new original series coming to BET Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

What is AMERICAN SOUL highlights include: Kelly Price, Jason Dirden, Robert Townsend, and Sinqua Walls. Along with behind the scenes glimpses featuring: Kelly Rowland, Katlyn Nichol, Jelani Winston, Christopher Jefferson, Iantha Richardson, and Classic ‘Soul Train’ footage.

Make sure to tune in to AMERICAN SOUL premiering Tuesday, Feb 5, 9/8c only on BET!


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