KETO-CROTCH: Is it a Thing? Should I Worry? (Eat CARBS?)

I did not want to make this video. But, with the latest news articles in women’s health magazines, and multiple people reaching out to me about this subject, I thought a video might be helpful. If someone thinks of the keto diet as some new, weird, fad diet, then it is plausible it could cause weird things like keto crotch. If, however, you think of it properly, as the Proper Human Diet that humans have eaten for 1000’s of years, then such claims seem silly.

Keto crotch is described as a change in discharge and/or odor of the lady parts after eating a low-carb diet for some period of time. There is no research showing a possible mechanism for such a thing, and no doctors quoted in the magazine articles. I provide medical care for many women in my clinic, many of whom eat keto, and I have not had a single complaint of keto crotch.

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  1. I have been eating keto for almost 9 mo. and have lost almost 100lbs. I have never really had to many female problems with yeast and bacteria, but I will say this. I did not have a change in discharge, however, about 4 months into this way of eating, my Natural odor did change some. It's not a bad thing and I will take it to feel this great. Keto On. Thanks Dr. Berry for all the useful info!

  2. that is so crazy that i ran into this video i have never ever in my life had a yeast infection but for about a week or so i have been extremely itchy down there, so went to the dr yesterday and she said that i probably have a yeast infection wasnt to sure so she took a culture and treated me for yeast infection anyway so took the 1 little pill they give to treat that and its been 24 hours since and i have noticed so much relief from the itching so i dont know if keto causes this but im dealing with it now and getting it treated will continue keto for sure just hope this itchy problem doesnt come back..

  3. I get vaginitis when I cheat and go OFF keto ugh youd rhink i learned. Maybe i have this time haha but for real it was starting and stopping that started this for me. So I just need to stick to it..

  4. I take Niacin to help keep cholesterol levels down. I have noticed if I take it every day of the week I get a little itchy down there. I cut back to about 2 to 3 times and week and don't have that problem anymore. Not sure why Niacin was doing this to begin with.

  5. Since going keto I have noticed less body odor on every part of my body and really don't even have to use antiperspirant. I do know this now that my pee and poop smells more like what I have eaten or drank, especially after coffee, tuna or garlic.

  6. I saw this article online and thought it was absolutely ridiculous….funny sugars are known to contribute to these infections yet they are claimin keto can cause a woman to smell like this….yeast thrives off of sugar…on keto we are cutting off sugar so wtf…and the picture of the salmon on the add or tuna or whatever the picture made me roll in laughter….omg….these people sure are suddenly gangin up on keto in the news lately…and i think alot of it is because the more people research and doiin keto themselves stikes fear in the hearts of all that benifit pushing the standard american have to admit though…however STUPID the article….the picture they tried to paint was just hilarious

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