KETO Flu: Explanations & Strategies 2019

Keto-flu sounds scary, but it’s actually easy to understand and getting through it is very do-able. Keto-flu is a combination of 3 different things going on in your body at the same time. It can make you feel bad for 3-10 days, but the health benefits of getting through it are wonderful.

Some health “experts” will warn you not to do keto because of the dangerous flu-like symptoms you might experience when you start. This is like saying that a smoker who is trying to quite should just smoke a cigarette to help with the “quitters-flu” symptoms they are having. Bad advice. Don’t be afraid of the keto-flu, this video will give you some strategies to make it less-unenjoyable, and you will be glad you did it afterwards.

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  1. I'm a type 2 diabetic with fibromyalgia/CFS. I adopted the ketogenic lifestyle 10 weeks ago — I even use the Keto-Mojo meter to make sure that I am staying in ketosis. I'm off of insulin and have cut my Metformin by 50% and my blood sugar is staying between 80-100, and I lost 25 lbs. I'm now 195# at 6'4". However I feel terrible — my fibromyalgia is worse and I am so tired that I hardly get anything done. Muscles and joints are sore all of the time and it is difficult to climb stairs or even walk and keep my balance. Leg muscle cramps and twitching every morning and sometimes during the day. I drink two quarts of Keto-aide every day, salt most of my food, take at least 400mg of magnesium supplement and try to eat spinach and avocados every day. I am APOE 2,4 and wonder if this has some impact? IDK what's wrong — I just want to feel better soon. I don't know how much longer I can keep up this keto lifestyle — it just doesn't seem to be working for me.

  2. It's almost like you're speaking directly to me. Started keto about 5 days ago and almost everything you said in this video is speaking exactly to my experiences I'm having right now. Doing great though overall. Thanks Doc!

  3. Been on KETO since Dec 2018. I got some good news yesterday;

    KETO is working. My A1C in down from 8.7 to 6.3 (should never be above a 7)! Triglycerides, cholesterol and LDL's are all normal for the first time as an adult! I have effectively reversed my type 2 diabetes!
    GERD is a thing of the past and my Doc says I'm losing weight a little too fast. LOL

  4. Its not hard. Adjust diet to include or supplement magnesium. Taper off carbs for a couple days. Water fast one day. Congratulations…you can now start a keto diet with near zero risk of keto flu.

  5. I ate very little junk before going low carb, so my sugar withdrawal had me feeling crappy for only 24 hours. I recommend starting the lifestyle by going cold turkey for psychological reasons. Make a decision without rationalization or excuses. Donate unopened food you will no longer be eating to a food pantry and throw out or give to your friends, the opened containers that you have decided to no longer eat. This process reinforces your decision. After you get through the withdrawals, you will be rewarded by crazy good feelings of alertness and high energy. I’m single so it was easy for me to do this, but I can imagine that in a family or relationship setting, the change is best done as a group. Maybe this isn’t polite, but I discretely look at what others are buying in the checkout aisle and marvel at the carb/junk to real food ratio of what is in other shopper’s carts (“sugar, sugar, carb, sugar, sugar, sugar”). This observation really brings home the reality of endemic heart disease and diabetes levels in the US and all of the associated issues that come with them.

  6. Hey Dr Berry! Can I please request a video on food allergies? I am very allergic to salt water fish and any other seafood. Mind you, my allergies only started in my 20s. I used to love fish now I can't keep it down. I really want to be able to eat fish again, is there a way food allergies can get better? Also I have asthma, don't know if that has anything to do with it. Thanks Doc!

  7. God bless you for your efforts! Just discovered your channel yesterday, subscribed, and my wife and I are going to give Keto a try. My wife had one question: she "heard" that kidneys can be damaged if they are subjected to a state of "ketosis" too long? Can you speak to that? Thank you!

  8. I find if I drink excessively 1 night while on keto I feel a lot better the next day than if I had a couple of slices of pizza the night before. Imo alcohol is only so damaging because all studies will be on drinking while on a high carb diet. Alcohol is definitely harmful but I'm starting to think carbs may be worse.

  9. I've been in a modified keto diet for a while now, and l mean l would eat carbs but from occasional higher carb veggies, like maybe Lima beans or peas but not often, but mostly eliminated sugar and junk carbs. Anyway, last Saturday l celebrated my husband's birthday and had a slice of cheesecake. A few days later l got a cold pretty bad for about a week. I wonder if that piece of cheesecake made my body sick? I remember when l would binge on junk food l would wake up the next day feeling sick like l had a hangover. So, I'm wondering if eating that cheesecake lowered my immune system or just assaulted my system after having had a clean diet on keto? Anyone else ever experience this? Just wondering, or maybe it was just a coincidence?

  10. I ended up in the hospital severely dehydrated even though I drink a gallon or more a day and have Edema. My muscles are SO WEAK…I upped my sodium, Potassium and Magnesium yet still have really bad cramps and weakness! Now they are saying I have Hypothyroidism and telling me to get off Keto as if the 3 months I ate Keto caused it! UGHHHH I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do!! 🙁

  11. KenDBerryMD I watched the video on Ketoade. I couldn’t find the brand of essential oils you used in the making of the ketoade. I tried to enlarge a pic but had no success. Would you please respond back with the brand of essential oils used I would like to use cinnamon also. Thank you.

  12. @ KenDBerryMD: I wonder if you could have a look at my other posting. I seem not to be the only one struggling to understand how to stay vlc/lc and get sufficient potassium. Thank you so much in advance.

  13. I quit drinking soda pops 3 months ago and I got the worst bladder infection and I have been fighting a yeast infection because of the antibiotics! I have been so sick! I have been doing the Manuka honey and lots of GMO free yogurt and lots of fermented foods to re-establish my gut bacteria!

  14. I never got keto flu. I think it helped I drink pink salt in water since I work out in the heat and it replenishes lost minerals. I also take magnesium supplements to regulate my heartbeat since medicine alone doesn't do it. I've lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks.

  15. How about a video on the keto diet with relation to eyesight? I saw a video about a guy whose BG was so high it was affecting his eyes and he needed reading glasses, but by cutting down heavily on the carbs his eyesight recovered to normal.

  16. I have no problem with keto flu coz I was ready with electrolyte but I'm still suffering with keto rash. I don't have any carbs and sugar cravings at all. Will just assume it was from the toxins in the accumulated fat that my body get rid off which can't be expelled through urine. The rash was quite irritating. Well I know I been eating unhealthy for 4 decades. I hope this will get away soon. Other health complications have been improved so much that I'm very happy with myself. Keto for life 😁

  17. Hi Dr Berry- thanks for this video and all your other great ones. I was wondering whether you have any advice for a diabetic with a cold/flu. That is a diabetic on zero carbs and zero medication- I've managed to reverse my diabetes to normal levels during the last year and have been taking a lot of ACV, cinnamon, garlic and ginger to fight insulin resistance. Everything is great and I am thoroughly enjoying the extra physical and mental energy except the times that I catch a cold. As you know all above mentioned foods are generally no good for treating colds and especially ACV, so I believe. So my question is whether there is anything that could replace ACV albeit for the few days that the cold lasts?

    Cheers, thanks and all the best.

  18. Wow! I started Keto two days ago after viewing your videos, and I got the Keto Flu right away. LOL. I logged on just now to see if you had a video about it, and here it is! Thank you, sir!

  19. I wonder if a severe keto flu could cause seizures. I don''t remember the exact mechanism whereby alcohol withdraw causes seizures . Keto's a hard sell up here. Think Appalachia moon pie, and mountain dew on corticosteroids. Too bad we can't do a hiest to steal American docs to this rock in the sea hheheheeh Just kidding. I started back on keto last week so yea flue time. Not as bad as menopause but annoying enough. Last weekend was keto flu but it's getting better. Never ate junk so it's not a huge change.

  20. I've been Keto for around a week but I feel really ill. Wa ves of nausea,stomach cramps,headache,dizzyness,extreme tiredness, bursting into tears,general muscle weakness and sweating. Am beginning to wonder if it's real flu, but I haven't got a high temperature ! I hope I can keep going as I've noticed a reduction in the arthritic pain in my knees and a big weight loss.

  21. Many yrs ago, I did have a doctor tell me once I was trying to get healthy too fast so I should start smoking again. Now not a pack a day but just have 2-4 smokes that should make me better. When I asked him why he said eating well, working out, and quitting smoking all at the same time was too much stress on my body and I would end up in the hospital. WTH?? Yeah I fired him on the spot BUT the addict in me said hell yeah give me a smoke & pizza. Then a movie on the sofa no work out today.

  22. I started keto this past Fri. I did pretty good all weekend . by sun I was so tired , sleepy, I just thought I was give out bc of the week.
    Now I did good( I think) till Mon, my daughter wanted Chinese food.
    I did not eat rice or noodle foods but after eating I got sick , had a hugh unusual headache . strange how things work..

  23. Thanks for this great video, Dr. B. I am conducting a virtual intro to Keto session this evening and one of the things that is important to the group is learning about the Keto Flu. The information you provided here will help me explain it to them 🙂 I saw you at your clinic a little over a year ago and am a Patreon and you know me by other "handles" on other social media, lol. Thanks for this and helping me educate others to help them take back their health and become part of the Keto Cult!

  24. I am in serious need of changing my diet at almost 63 yrs. old. I listened to your video on wet macular degeneration and found a few ophthalmologist that more or less recommends the same. It is very difficult for me to read, esp. on the computer, so where can I find out how to start, what to eat, the portions , etc? Is there such a video? I'm listening to the 101, but so far, it isn't specific enough to get going. I will say, giving up sugar being the first step, YIKES! I am a junk food junkie and sugar addict slowly changing my ways. I have made attempts already changing my diet, but need to try this to save my eyesight and hopefully restore it by the grace of God.(Please forgive any typos as I can't read to correct.)

  25. Just read that a 25,000-person study presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Munich suggested that people on the lowest-carb diets had the highest risk of dying from cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and all other causes. Another study, in the Lancet, also found that people who followed diets that were low in carbs and high in animal proteins had a higher risk of early death compared to those who consumed carbs in moderation. (The opposite was true, however, for low-carb dieters who opted for plant-based proteins over meat and dairy.) Any comment?

  26. I have almost no symptoms of withdrawl when I don't eat chocolate for 4 or so days, but it is one of my addictions. I'm ashamed of it because I've also struggled with anemia for a long time and read in several places that chocolate can bind to iron and remove it to the body. I don't eat much bread now other than flatbread and I do make it somewhat healthy by putting hummus on it. I wish I could stop eating processed carbs but because of my blindness – I've been blind since birth – I live at home. My parents are in charge of buying the food we eat and they won't get anything they deem is too expensive.

  27. Man is an omnivore; so it's no wonder keto can make one feel sick.

    BTW, nobody who tells himself he's a failure can succeed in ANYTHING, including weight loss. Diets tell you you're a failure and, as punishment for your failings, you must now struggle and deprive yourself.

    Call the keto diet whatever you like but it's another diet that's designed to fail.

  28. Funny, I called it a sugar hangover on all these vids when I first went Keto/low carb last January. It felt the same as a hangover, that most of us believed to be from the alcohol, but many of us knew that hangovers were worse with sugary drink mixes and when sugars were eaten at the same time.
    It felt just the same. It detoxing, of the cells and giving the body a chance to get back to what it was designed to be, metabolically flexible. Long term high carb diets and low quality fats turns off metabolic flexibility.
    Almost 10 months, maintaining goal weight while increasing fitness and improving health. Carnivore, Keto Whole Foods plant Keto if you can make that work, but honestly that requires much more work and shipping in enough exotic plant food that has all the nutrients you can get in a local grass fed beef and true free range chicken and eggs can provide that is so much easier to prepare and results in less inflammatory-health issues that carbs cause.

  29. Hi Doctor B! Just had a most wonderful dessert. Fage full fat yogurt with half and half and stevia. Slowly learning how to deal with the cravings. Thanks, as always, for your advice.

  30. Hi Dr Ken, I have prediabetic hypoglecemia. I believe my sugar level is getting better but hypoglecemia is still bad. My sugar level drops within 4.0 to 4.5 range within few hours after eating. At times 3.7 to 3.9 range too. It was worse on Keto. I am now trying IF and very moderate carb. Would u have any tips on how can I permanently cure?

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