Kids Should NEVER Have To Choose Sides With Their Parents

It’s not you against each other, it’s both of you against the problem.

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The term build it and it will come is false… BE IT and it will come! My name is Wil aka Hollywood Wil and I have been down, confused, depressed, lost, and didn’t know which way was up. Believe it or not watching Jay and other motivational speakers helped me a great deal. If you are not comfortable enough to talk just start watching videos until you are comfortable enough to talk to someone.

I hope you enjoy not only the videos but my entire Vlog 🙂


  1. parents are the biggest lesson for every child but the parents quarrel each other then the children will feel like an orphan or beggar, cause children love their parents the most but unluckily some parents don't know about the feeling of their own children.

  2. That is true, and that truth hurts….really hurts.
    But what should we do? How can we help out as individuals even we are not parents, we just are adults live in society.
    Think about it

  3. Omg u have no how much u helped me. I actually am wanting to tell my story to the world and explain how seconds before I was going to end my life an old friend of mine sent me one of your videos that was about not giving up. So u literally saved my life to thank you so much

  4. The irony is those parents won't ever reach out to this content on YouTube, because either of them or both in case would be finding faults in each other and not the solution to heal❣️

  5. I love this video as always but unfortunately I do relate.And the my dad and mom used to fight a lot until mom passes away of some unknown disease when I was 6.Dad had to raise up,he was ok,he took care of us but we couldn't open up to him cause we've seen him angry before and we've never seen resolving any issue with mom.He loves us but we were scared of him. It sad cause now that I think about it,he could've been the best dad ever if wasn't feeling guilt and anger of the unresolved issues between him and mom💔

  6. Thank you Jay 😇
    It's just that most of the time only one of the parent understands this, telling anything to the other leads to unnecessary drama.
    Can you suggest anything relating to this that how the other parent can be changed on certain mental patterns, especially when the person has a typical orthodoxical mindset?

  7. My mom ruined both my sister and I with her relationships with men. During both of our development in the womb my mother experienced a lot of stress. I turned out to be isolated and withdrawn, and my sister was born premature.

    Mothers please realize that parenting begins in the womb. During that entire 9 mo period, your emotions can effect how your child will develop and how their personality will be.

  8. I can understand this pain very well😔. My dad has anger issues and much more. He always fought with mom on silly things. Earlier as a child i only tried to end the conflict but as i grew up i realised my mom was right. And it was dad who had issues. So i now favor her and now my dad hates me for that. The pain i felt or feel is really unexplainable. I still cry sometimes due to him. It affects us very much and makes us mature before age. I have learned to ignore it all mostly but it still hurts. I really wish no child goes through this ever. This video was much needed. So much love for you Jay❤. People should really understand this message.

  9. I was dragged to a marriage counseling session with my then separated parents. I had not been allowed to see my father for months before hand. I was 12. The THERAPIST asked me in front of both, to state which I preferred to live with and why. I literally couldn’t speak and just sobbed so hard I hyperventilated. My mother was gaslighting and abusing me and if I spoke up things would only get worse. So traumatic… 😭.

  10. Yes. You're damn right!! I've always been in the situation for years. I always struggled with judging my parents, who's right or who is to be blamed. I was so depressed that once holded a knife in my neck and threatened them that I would cut it off if they are not going to stop fighting. I always thought that I am the only person on earth suffering from the dilemma. Your video on this is really convincing as I always acted like the girl in the video reacting to her parents' fight. Thank you so much sir. My years of problem answered in a 4 minute video 🙂

  11. While watching this I was feeling like that girl is me bcz I grew up in an environment where there is no peace my parents r always fighting with each other I've to watch them them fighting,brawling Yelling at each other there is not a single minute of peace nd it affected me very badly it's affecting me even now I can see myself changing every single day I'm becoming immotionless nd rude day by day nd the worst part is that from when my brothers got married they too have changed drastically no one in my house talk to each other everyone see each other as an enemy nd the worst thing is I don't have anyone to share this
    I'm going through something really really bad bt all I can do is to hope that one day everything will be fine I pray to God that noone have to go through the situation by which I'm going
    Hoping that this shit will end soon nd I'll be that much happy one day that I'll forget all these bad years of pain nd worries

  12. Good video, this is something that is underestimated . And not understandable by friends. The tension between both parents can you feel and pick up. And I know it can effect you als child, good (as in you learn from it) but also bad. And there are so many people that just don’t understand things that are going on if they aren’t in your place. My parents always help me with problems and everything but I can’t talk to them about the other parent. And friend don’t understand.

  13. I have somewhere become that person. I had to be a therapist for my dad who was suffering from chronic depression and me and mom had to be his pillars of support. Because of that, I have never got the chance to fall and learn. I had to learn things early on in life… And now, at 21, people tell me I'm a lot more mature than people my age. One side I'm grateful for the early Lessons and on the other side, I wish I could have properly lived my childhood.

  14. You're right….if the dad is Rich Psychopathic pedo having sex with hookers and tiny children (as in my case) then there should be no choice….no bargaining because he's an elite. Castrate and forget an idiot like that. Take his money and pay his daughter, the mother, the victims. This world is a damn shame !!!!

  15. Growing up in a family with conflicts does affect my relationship with people. It's very hard to trust others when u can't even trust ur own family member.
    But let's not forget, we can always rebuild ourselves and stop playing the victim game. It won't be easy (like seriously), but it is possible. One step at a time. May good bless u all 🙂

  16. Tell that to my fucking parents .. since i was a kid they never INTERACT or barely do. each one was trying to distort the other one’s picture in front of me n therefore make me hate them.. everything I’ve been going through mostly is because of them. i was sexually abused as a kid n couldn’t dare to tell them cuz they’ve always been intimidating n busy with their hate for each other.

  17. In the game of chess, pawns are considered pieces that can be easily and readily sacrificed to win, pieces used to block the opponent's moves with a risk that he loses something important, and rarely the object of the game. Unlike checkers, pawns cannot be promoted in chess, and so when parents treat their children like pawns in order to manipulate each other in hopes to win, they are essentially admitting that their children are expendable, a means to an end, and that the interests of the child are not important compared to the interest of the adult. Manipulation raises its ugly head in the absence of love, and anyone you manipulate or use to manipulate others is someone you tantamountly admit that you do not love. Whether parents stay together or are divorced, playing children against your spouse is one of the greatest betrayals to the procreative power imaginable. They are not objects or resources in play to advance your game. The moment you bring life into this world, it ceases to be about you anymore; you are not accountable for, beholden to, and answerable for your children and what they do. As we all know, manipulative behavior is usually projected into a child's future, because that's how the child learns to resolve conflict and achieve the outcomes they desire, but since they never learned to respect agency and individual worth, they usually protract the manipulative behavior and end up abusing other people, even whom they claim to love, because they equate manipulation with love. It's the only way they eventually know how to relate to people who play important roles in their lives. A parent who cares about his child truly desires to leave that child better off for success, not just financially but also esoterically, socially, intellectually, and ecumenically. Thank you for using your position, passion, and substance to reach out and spread this message.

  18. I'm 16 now and I have 4 siblings and as long I remember I see so much violence and conflict in my house even last night and know I just wanna die because I'm sick of it I'm the oldest and that way I have to deal with it more than my brothers. I just want to die now 😢😢😣😣

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