Kitchen Scissors, Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears Stainless Steel, Comes-Apart Detachable Chef Kitchen Shears for Chicken, Herbs, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, BBQ/Gift Box Included

Price: $14.95
(as of Dec 01,2019 00:54:05 UTC – Details)

Product Description


SKY LIGHT Mission & Promise

SKY LIGHT mission is to bring the art of old-fashioned craftsmanship to your kitchen with advanced modern technology!

Every kitchen scissors from SKY LIGHT has gone through extremely strict detection before it comes to your end. No defect is allowed from the very beginning process.




Bone Scissors

Micro-serrated contoured kitchen scissors is specially designed to cut meat, even tough bones.


The groove of this kitchen shear can be used to crack the walnuts

Remove Fish Scales

The serrated blade allows to remove fish scales easily, reliable helper for your kitchen work


Caps opener

bottle opener

Vegetable Scissors

High quality food grade stainless steel with peak performance on kitchen tasks, helps to chopping vegetable with minimal effort.

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener at the rear of handle can help you open any tough bottle cap

Jar Opener

A can opener at the rear of handle can help you open any tough bottle cap


【5-in-1 Multi-purpose Large Kitchen Scissors】 Ideal shape for chopping herbs, cutting through bones, ribs, turkeys, raw meat, vegetables and any other poultry. Serrated blade also allows you to scale fishes. With the steel teeth located between the handles, you can use them to open hard crack nuts. Also a bottle/can opener at the rear of handle can help you open any tough bottle cap
【Considerate Detachable Design】 Considerate grip for both right and left handed chefs. And two blades of kitchen shears are connected by stainless steel screw which makes the blades come apart easily. Convenient for cleaning each part of them quickly, and they are easy to come-together after finished as well
【Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears】 Heavy duty construction includes full stainless steel body, more comfortable grip and premium toughness, and blade features micro-serrations for enhanced cutting performance. It is the perfect type for heavy duty cutting tasks
【Top Grade Stainless Steel】 Each kitchen shears’ blades are forged from top premium grade stainless steel that is anti-rust and blunt resistance, well balanced in hardness and toughness, effortless while in your hand for cutting task
【LIFETIME GUARANTEE】 The Multi-purpose heavy duty kitchen shears come with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee. Try it and risk free

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