My Search For Inexpensive NYC Eats Part 2

My search for inexpensive NYC eats continues. So I was in NYC for a business meeting as I run social media ad campaigns for businesses and came to the conclusion that I need to eat and blog about it. With only having one day and no research done I knew it would be a challenge to find something we all consider inexpensive in NYC.


After about a half an hour of figuring out what type of food I was in the mood for (don’t like it this is an easy process y’all) I decided I wanted Jamaican or Soul food…whichever one I found first. I was already down on Park Ave finished up my meeting around 11am (I got the client btw) and I noticed 3 or 4 food trucks right outside of the Capital One building   There was a Greek food truck, burgers and oh wait what is this?  Do I see a Jamaican flag on one of the trucks??? Why yes I do lol.


Welcome to the Jamaican food truck Jerk Pan








The Jerk Pan is a lunch food truck that parks in the busy Park Ave work suit district.  Their hours are from 11:30am til about 2pm or until there is no longer a crowd. I figured NYC and in the financial district I was looking at about $20 plus drink with a smaller sized lunch portion.  $20 in NYC is not terrible but wouldn’t necessarily fall under cheap eats either.  Well I was wrong on both counts because lunches were between $9 and $12.  For that price you get a meat, rice and peas (we call it beans) and a side of slaw or macaroni salad and a drink.

Let me explain my love for Jamaican food. 2016 I was in a travel wedding which happened to be in Negril Jamaica.  I went down a few days earlier by myself and I stayed in the hood of Montego Bay to really soak up the culture, views, people and of course the food and weed. It was there I had curry goat and oxtail for the very first time.  Ever since then I was in love with Jamaican food.  Now obviously food here in the states is not the same as it is in the indigenous country.  However I will say Jerk Pan was VERY good.

So since I was already on my Keto cheat week I went to town on this food.  I ordered the large size which was only $2 bucks more.  I went with the curry goat of course and that was smothering my rice and peas just like I like it.  It also came with a side of macaroni salad and a soda all for the low price of $14.  The portion was so big I had leftovers on the Amtrak train back to Philadelphia.

They don’t have a website but if you get a chance to get to NYC whether you are on a budget or not definitely yelp or google them and give them a try.  I promise you won’t be sorry!

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