Sunblaster 904297 NanoTech T5 High Output Fixture Reflector Combo, 3-Feet

Price: $42.95 - $43.65
(as of Mar 09,2019 22:46:29 UTC – Details)

This is SunBlaster’s NEW combo 36″ (3 ft or 91cm) T5 HO Fluorescent Grow light kit with electronic high efficiency Ballast, Full Spectrum 6400K, High Output, 39 watt SunBlaster grow light bulb and the new Nanotech Reflector which redirects up to 300% more light to the plant canopy. SunBlaster Lighting engineers redesigned their T5HO ballasts to accept this ingenious, lightweight reflector that requires no clumsy mounting hardware, it simply snaps on. The SunBlaster T5HO high output grow light bulb and ballast together with the Nanotech reflector are truly made for each other. The end result? The most amazing fluorescent grow light kit SunBlaster has ever produced! Sun Blaster T5HO (High Output) Fluorescent Grow Lighting Combo Kits provide everything you need to get up and growing fast! Each Sun Blaster T5 HO kit includes the latest, most efficient electronic ballast, a 6400K Full spectrum grow light bulb, a power cord with roller switch, a jumper plug and both hanging and flat surface easy mount clips. SunBlaster T5HO fixtures link together easily, regardless of length, to a maximum of 8x per single power cord so it doesn’t get easier or better than that, you can expand or decrease your grow area any time. Use SunBlaster T5HO grow lighting to provide supplemental overhead and side lighting, as well as additional light for tall plants when hung vertically. The slim design of Sunblaster’s new T5HO’s allows them to fit virtually anywhere you need additional light for growth. With Sun Blaster’s T5HO Grow Light Ballast, each New Edition has been re-engineered, incorporating the most advanced on board electronics in the industry providing minimal heat, maximum efficiency and extending lamp life. The New Edition T5 HO bulbs have also been re-engineered, incorporating a “Cold Chamber” that ensures that the small amount of mercury gas inside is kept at the most efficient operating temperature to produce the most intense light output.These fixtures include electronic ballast, 6400K lamp, power cord, jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips
SunBlaster T5HO fixtures link together, regardless of length, to a maximum of 8 single power cords
The NanoTech reflector was designed using Nanotechnology to produce the ultimate in a reflective surface
This revolutionary reflector can increase lumen availability by as much as 300% and is now included
The 18″ fixture was designed specifically to fit the NanoDome

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