The Worst Breakfast in the World!

Of course, having a Candy Bar and a Soft Drink for breakfast is terrible, but you won’t believe what “healthy” breakfast is JUST AS BAD…

What you eat and drink to Break Your Fast is very important to your health and happiness. Never, ever break your fast with this terrible meal.

Advertisements and Commercials promote Products, not Foods. Don’t be tricked, because your health will suffer.

Join me and let’s optimize your health!

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  1. Oatmeal? Maybe, I suppose. My mind went immediately to Starbucks. Some sugar laden coffee drink with something resembling a doughnut.

    This is breakfast for so many people, though oatmeal is pretty bad too especially since most people add sugar and crap to it so it doesn't taste like cardboard.

  2. For years I've ate All Bran cereal with a banana chopped up and 2% skim milk. I did feel bloated and tired afterwards. Just started keto diet 2 days ago. Had 2 fried eggs in butter with spinach cooked in butter, onion flakes and fresh garlic. Yum. Felt great afterwards and didn't feel hungry for hours. Hope i can make the effort to stick with it. Less bloating on this diet.I also have Crohn's disease.

  3. I could never understand why people would eat carbs and sweet dessert type things for breakfast ! The best breakfast in the WORLD is the English breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast sausage a LOT of protein !!

  4. Keto waffles (almond flour) made with cream, eggs, avocado oil, with grass fed butter on top without the fake syrup fills me for the entire day :). So yummy. I am trying to eat earlier in the day and stop eating earlier in the evening to follow my circadian rhythm.

  5. HELP PLZ Dr. Berry 🤔🤔🤔
    I have to take a HBP pill every 12hrs. It breaks my fast at nite right before bed. The medicine is to be taken with food. What can I take the pill with that will not mess things up for me totally???? Thank you in advance.

  6. Dr Berry, I’m 37 years old and suffered an acute MI 6 weeks ago. Of course the cardiac rehab program at Kaiser put me on a low sodium low fat diet. I lost 5 pounds in the first week and didn’t lose anymore for 3 straight weeks. I’ve now been doing Keto for a week and have lost 6 pounds so far. My cardiologist said I’m young enough for my heart to fully recover so hopefully my EF will be higher when they recheck in a couple of months. Just wondering if I need to modify my Keto diet having this heart condition. Thank you for your eye-opening knowledge!

  7. By means of both health concerns and sheer experimentation, this is my third week of salmon and eggs breakfasts – something that usually we italians consider an exotic aberration. Needless to say my starting day energy is over the roof and, as of today, I've never felt so good and sharp in the morning: no brain fog, no need for naps, no stomach bloating and much more.
    "No Grain Is The Way" folks!

  8. Dr. Berry: Is bacon & eggs good for breakfast? I'm talking about non-cured bacon (without nitrites and nitrates), and egg whites only (no yolks).

  9. A video about high triglycerides and low good cholesterol being fixed by Keto ? I’m on Pravastatin 20 Mg for high triglycerides and low good cholesterol and want to get off of it.

  10. What is the best cereal to eat? I'm a cereal kind of person.. I'm not big on cooking in the morning, it's usually all bran cereal and a coffee. A hard habit to break for breakfast. I've brought my weight and sugar levels down but I'm still a cereal eater. Hope you can give me some advice. Thanks in advance! 💗

  11. When I see someone with skim milk in his/her cart I get sad. Not only are they missing the nutrition of the fat, but they are sacrificing flavor to do so. 😩

  12. Hey I have 2 questions which is more or less 1 question. I’m 35 was 210 at Christmas, I am currently 184lbs. I fast every day. What happens when I run out of body fat to run on and what am I going to have to do for maintenance.

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