What can you Drink while Intermittent Fasting? (Fast Breakers 2019)

Intermittent fasting is a very powerful tool for human health. It may seem like a new fad but it is really very old. Humans have been using the healing powers of fasting for 1000’s of years.

When you know what the goals of your fast are then you can decide what you will drink during your fast. What you can drink while intermittent fasting is a very good question, and you should know the answer. Some things are fine, and some will break your fast.

I want you to be able to use intermittent fasting to improve your health, and to fast properly. This video, and my other videos should do just that.

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  1. This video couldn't have come at a better time. I IF 16 hours daily. Down from about 270, but have stalled at 175 for about 3 weeks. Had been putting ginger in my fasting water, with a little monk fruit. Will switch to plain water with either pink Himalayan salt or ACV. Thanks, Dr. Berry; so glad I found your channel.

  2. Please, please, please tell me what or where or how to add potassium to water while fasting. Or anytime, really, because I find it near impossible to get 4000mg of potassium through food, even if I try and overeat. (Only been doing keto for around 10 days, so still learning). I am on blood pressure medication which depletes it, but after a meal as heavy in potassium as I can make it, the bp drops significantly. I know if I can get a good regular sustainable source of potassium I can finally stop filling that prescription.

  3. Love the videos. I've got problems with HEART BURN and a sore throat (which i think is due to the heart burn) i just never feel like i'm healthy.. It's been going on and off for about 3 months and i feel like if i make the slightest misstake in my diet I'll have heartburn every night for a few days. It's been better when I totally stopped drinking cafeine and alcohol, but surely i can't be that fragile all of a sudden? Would love a video on heart burn as I don't want to take heart burn medicine. I'm 23 and can run a sub 4 hour marathon but i feel like a fragile old man

  4. Dr. Berry, love your videos and very funny personality. I started Keto on Sept. 1. Lost 23 pounds. Feel Great. MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT, I LOST 1/2 OF IT AND I AM READY TO FLIP OUT. CAN YOU TELL ME WHY THIS COULD BE. i dont want to stop Keto but I don't know what I am doing wrong. I feel great! PLEASE HELP Thank you

  5. Dr. Berry, I love your videos. Will never miss one. I started keto sept. 1 and lost 23 pounds. I feel great. BUT I LOST HALF OF MY HAIR AND ITS STILL FALLING OUT. I AM ABOUT READY TO FLIP OUT. What can I possibly be doing wrong. Please Help. Thanks so much

  6. I've been Keto 14 months and lost 60 lbs. If you are truly fat adapted you will not be hungry during your fasting periods. I'm 70 y.o. and easily do 20-4 fasting/eating. I can also run down and catch my 3-1/2 y.o. granddaughter Gwen when she takes off like a rocket. VIVA KETO!

  7. Question can u drink flavored camomile tea durning IMF? I have a lavender camomile tea and wanted to know if the different flavors are safe like peach camomile and so on? Same question for coffee?!

  8. Dr Berry .. why would a persons fasting blood sugar be higher on keto then on atkins>? mine has gone up 20-30pnts .. from 80-90 (sept 2018 physical at 8:30am waking at 7am) to taking my own sample using a glucose meter 2 hours after i wake up and it shows 105-117, keto sticks show me in small to mod ketosis in the morning, and mod to large 2 hours after my last meal at 1800… i fast from 1800 to 10am its been about a week since i started, all this is very confusing now.

  9. Question: Are veggies carbs? Can I eat a lot of them while on a keto diet? I am currently practicing a low carb, low sugar, mostly plant based diet with Intermittent fasting at a 16/8 ratio. Thoughts?! New to this channel. Thank you.

  10. This was so helpful, thank you. I started this journey, April 2018, I dropped 30 lbs, but I have been stalled, since then. I drink coffee, every morning with hwc, collagen, powder, and skinny syrup. I also watched your video on why weight loss is stalled, and you said for some of us that are insulin resistant, over 40, a woman, I’m not morbidly obese, but weigh more than I should. I usually fast 16/8. Drinking unsweetened coffee is going to be a challenge, but I’m willing to try!

  11. Black coffee & water & thanks for the video as beef broth I heard was allowed & started to have later in the day of my fast now instead will drink picked water if too hungry 😊

  12. Hi Dr. Berry,
    I was wondering if you would ever do a video of your thoughts on Essential Oil supplements. There are ppl out here that that’s all you need to take.

  13. Did you know that another married couple who researches IF and Keto did extensive N:1 testing on what to drink on Keto. They found that MCT Oil, HWC and Butter, caused their ketones to rise and glucose to lower. That it did not break their fast. I don't want to mention their names unless you ask. 🙂

  14. Hi Dr. Berry, I love your videos!!! Thank you for the awesome content you’re putting out there 🙂 I have one question: Is L arginine keto friendly? Will it kick you out of ketosis? 🙏 looking forward to your opinion :)Greets from Germany

  15. Hey Dr.Berry I wanna know your opinion about the effects of eating salmons. It has been a lot controversial for over years, but I’m still confused if it’s really not beneficial to eat salmons cuz I love them at the same time.

  16. Bottom line: Eat to live — Not live to eat. Keto will help a lot. First thing you'll immediately notice is a major decrease in hunger. So much that you may think you need to eat because of fear. Nope. It;s your body telling the mind it is okay and rather burn off some fat rather than process any more food intake. Go with it. If you exercise then your body will ask for more to provide energy faster than it can metabolize its resources. No one dies from not being hungry. :0)

  17. I’ve been doing IF for about a year, but my faithfulness isn’t constant. I love getting up in the morning and not feeling hungry. I fast from 8 pm to noon, but I’ve been drinking decaf tea and coffee because of my GERD. I was told not to drink caffeine because it has a negative effect on GERD issues. However, I also was putting collagen powder in my tea and heavy cream and stevia in my coffee, so now that I’ve heard your video, I will eliminate those problematic foods. I have always enjoyed caffeine, and if changing my diet will calm my GERD, I will add it back into my diet again.

    My favorite liquid is water, water, water! I buy reverse osmosis water at the store (refill the bottles, of course) and according to my naturopath, I drink 9 cups of water daily. The formula he gave me was to divide my weight in half and drink that many ounces of water daily. It has been really helpful to be that hydrated for the first time in my life! I sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy. Now that I have heard the importance of keeping the liquids “uncontaminated” by proteins or insulin-raising sweeteners, I will change that part of my fasting diet. I am 75 and take no prescriptions, but need to lower my blood pressure a bit. Thanks so much for your wonderful videos!

  18. Hei doc, i have a question: is diabetis (T2) exclusively caused by high carb diet? or can we get diabetis even on a high fat keto diet? What others illness can we get thats come exclusively from the improper food we eat. Thanks for the great job.

  19. Thanks for the video, Dr Berry. I am fasting with mineral water only for highest autophagy for almost 2 years now. I am suffering from Wegener's Granulomatosis and almost died on hemoptysis back two years ago. After 5 months of chemotherapy to destroy my immune system I decided to stop all mainstream medical treatment I was suppose to take steroids and immune suppressant for about another 4 years to keep me alive. But I just waterfast intermittent and 7 days straight once every month . And I am still alive. That is why highest autophagy through water fasting is important to me.
    Do you have patient with immune system illnesses similar to mine and what is your experience with their fasting results?

  20. I take levothyroxine every morning since my thyroid was removed six years ago. Then an hour later I take two different anticonvulsants for the seizures I’ve been having since my brain tumor was removed. Will these medications impact my fast in any way?

  21. My Fav. Is dry fasting. Some weeks I do salts under the tongue and some fast have been salts/ electrolytes water. And we have gone really long periods of time with just real teas Most days I just have only tea meaning we're not arbitrarily not eating on those days.. just waiting for the body to get hungry for a small refeed window Which ends up 23/1 without really even trying… True fasting is a wonderful ancestral way of life. I think ketogenic living and carnivore protocols coupled with the fasting focus lifestyle is optimal ….for me anyway. Great video shared at Fit & Wellness 1/22/2019 😘👌

  22. Hi Dr. Berry, in the morning, i add a pinch of sea salt and squeeze half a lime (the lime is fairly small in size, it would correspond to a quarter lemon or even less) to 12 oz of water. I pretty much continue my daily fast on water only after that (i do OMAD). Would this morning "mix" break my fast? I get the minerals from the salt and the citric acid from the lime which improves the function of my enzymes, detox and arguably other benefits.

  23. Hi Doc… Thanks for all the good info. Am I the only person in the world that Keto is not good for ? About Day 2 of strict Keto and I'm
    sick at my stomach. One bite of anything thing carb .. usually a cracker w/peanut butter and I'm ok. I want desperately to lose weight. I drink bp coffee in the a.m. I IF 16-17 hrs daily. my goal is one meal and 50 lbs gone. The sick stomach is no good. I am borderline type 2 diabetic… I take no meds… last A1c was 6.1. HELP !

  24. Hi Dr. Berry! My father-in-law is diabetic and I've been trying to convince him to try the keto diet. His last A1C was an 8.7. My mother-in-law is afraid it will cause him to lose weight (he doesn't need to). How can I assure her that keto isn't just a weight loss diet? Most of the information I can find always talks about weight loss.

  25. My problem is that after fasting I can not eat with moderation, I ate la 3000 calories 🥵at once then I feel bad 😢 sad , bloating, really bad it just happens as soon as I breaks my fasting. I can fast perfectly 12, 18, 24, 36 hours and I feel great. But as soon as I breaks it the crazy eating way start. My you advise me please, what can I do?
    Thank you

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