Where Is The Best Place To Find Amazon Deals & Coupons?

Where is the best place to find Amazon deals and coupons?

Unless you live under a rock you have heard of Amazon am I right?  where there are 100 million Amazon prime members and over 5 billion items shipped from Amazon.  We all try to look for deals when shopping and if you are like me then you are shopping Amazon a few times a week lol.

The question is how do we save or where can we get the best deals?  What if I were to tell you the best Amazon deals are found in Facebook groups?  I know hard to believe since Facebook is well facebook and Amazon is Amazon.  Like minded people have come together in Facebook groups posting different deals and discount codes they stumble upon.

There is a specific Facebook group called Amazon Addiction (clever name) and they are much different than other Facebook groups.  This group gives you the Amazon links that take you right to products on Amazon that are 50% 60% even 75% off.  This group keeps you informed with daily deals, Amazon Prime Day news but also takes it one step further for us.  They have weekly $25 Amazon gift card sweepstakes giveaways.  Now what other group does that?

This Facebook group Amazon Addiction is an affiliate for Amazon.  That means Amazon sends the group owners Amazon deals to entice their following to shop Amazon.  This is how Amazon does most of the marketing by paying others to market for them.  This is quite ingenious and a win win win for Amazon the group owner and their loyal Amazon shoppers.

Click the link too Join the Facebook group Amazon Addiction and enjoy the discounts 🙂

Also stay tuned for the Amazon Prime News on what will be the deepest discounts on that day!!!




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  1. I LOVE FETCH REWARDS! I agree much easier or “user friendly” since you don’t have to scan product barcodes. Great suggestion to use both apps! Thanks for the great post!

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