Who Could Replace Spider-Man in The MCU? | IMDbrief

Spider-Man might say farewell to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if Sony and Disney can’t see eye to eye. On this IMDbrief, we take a look at who we’d like to see replace Spider-Man in the MCU.


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  1. SpiderMan & BatMan
    Has the worst luck when it comes to having Big Screen flims conserderd every time they have a good thing going and cast then gets drops them and starts all over again from the beginning story,We know how Peter Parker became SpiderMan,we know how Bruce Wayne became The BatMan as a FanBoy of all comic's enough is enough i would rather not see another movie of either one if it going to start all over again..
    If Disney Corporation would just take 30/35%
    Instead of trying to Ram a Big Fat Micky in SONY PICTURES AZZ conserderd they was getting 5% plus they have the merchandise right's Marvel Studio's should have just have started up Marvel Studios Pictures and kept all their rights to all their creations we wouldn't have to be going through this…

    Disney owners shouldn't be worried about money conserderd they own 3 quarter's of the entertainment in the world they should listen to the customers and fan's of the franchise's or it's going to be.. DISNEY BOYCOTT TIME!!

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