Why Denzel Washington Would Be a Perfect Magneto | IMDbrief

We break down how #DenzelWashington would be a perfect choice for the #XMen’s most magnetic foe.


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  1. He was my first thought to play Magneto but I changed my mind. Lawrence Fishburne would play a better Magneto. His delivery on his lines in the John Wick series made me think he would be a great Magneto. Denzel or Idris Elba would make a great Xavier.

  2. The x-men are one of the most diverse cast of heroes/villains in comics. Why on earth with that amount of varied characters would race swap. I am not surprised though in this woke generation.

  3. Any Black Man would be better then a white man , look at sport and look at the thousands of video of white girls stating their love for Black Men. Its a win win situation for the studio and a logical decision. Making the movie time proof since the future is Black.

  4. Kevin Faggie! Damn! Mcu is a crap for kids!
    Anyway, why not a black Superman fighting a black Doomsday, a black Lex?? 😒😒🤮
    The world just going crazy! Let the superhero as at the comics, idiots!

  5. Smh racist fucks don't even know the source material.. "Professor X and his vision of harmonious human-mutant coexistence standing in for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while Magneto’s rigid attitude toward the defense of mutantkind reflected the philosophy of Malcolm X." Stan "The Man" Lee himself. Him and Kirby created the xmen to represent diversity and equality at a time when the civil rights movement was taking place. Yall haters be so quick to bash Marvel and Kevin Feige for doing what Stan and Marvel have ALWAYS done. Stop complaining about shit you obviously have no clue about. Yall don't work for marvel and have no clue what they're gonna do with this retelling. But know that Stan Lee would be smiling down with approval

  6. Absolutely not. Denzel Washington can be great in the right role, but other times he's just annoying (The Equalizer. I don't want to see him in something like the MCU, especially if it means race bending such an iconic comics character. There's no need for it. There are plenty of good black superheros they can use for representation in the MCU, if they're going to adapt Magneto they should do it right. Plus even if they did use the civil rights era as Magneto's origin he wouldn't be that much younger.

  7. Except there was no genocide of African americans in the 20th century. I liked the idea of the guy from Breaking Bad as Magneto. Having him as a survivor of the Rwanda genocide is a great idea that would allow Marvel to keep him younger. And it doesn't take away from Magneto's origin and his motivations.

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