Will KETO Cause Too Much Weight LOSS?

The ketogenic way of eating is a very powerful way to lose fat. Thousands of people have lost millions of pounds using keto strategies, because they work and are filled with delicious real food.
Some worry that slender people will lose too much weight on a keto diet. This video will help you make sense of that fear.

KETO is not a weight loss diet. It is a fat-loss way of life. It is the most sustainable way to move towards your ideal body weight, and stay there. The concepts discussed in this video will help you understand what’s happening in your body, and why.

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  1. I am not getting all these benefits from keto so far. I lost maybe 5 pounds in 4 months. I've been in ketosis (consistent 1.7 – 1.9 on blood meter for 3 months). Not only that, but I have had insomnia for about 2 months, which I rarely had prior. My energy is low and no super powers yet.

  2. I have been doing low carb/keto off and on for several years, and this past month I went full carnivore. Oct 1st I was 166 lbs, Oct 31st I weighed 154 lbs. And I just had extensive blood tests done Monday morning, including an NMR cholesterol panel, liver GGF, various inflammation markers such as Lp(a), homocysteine, CRP(hs), cortisol, etc. I'm interested to see how the results compare to similar tests I had done earlier this year after doing strict keto for 3 months straight.

  3. When I started on the Keto diet back in Feb I was nearly 300 pounds. I was restricting my calories by about 500-800 a day. I was losing about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds a week. Then about 6 weeks ago after I had lost around 70 pounds or so I noticed that my weight loss had really slowed and one week I even gained weight. I upped my calories and started eating when I'm hungry and what do you know. I'm losing weight again. Being on Keto is a forever life style change and your body will even itself out. Weight is not a very good measure of where you are. A tape measure around my belly button is my guide. It's what started me on this journey to begin with when I heard Dr Berry talk about your height divided by 2 and your waist measurement. If you keep your net carbs low and eat good fats your body will do what it needs too.

  4. 27 BMI? Isn't that still considered overweight?? Maybe there's some new info out there I don't know? Dr B, can you please do a BMI video/weight height ratio video? Maybe one that goes in depth on how to measure this?? Because I've been stuck at a BMI of 27 for 6 months on keto thinking that I'm still overweight

  5. I started keto October 28th and I’m down 11lbs. After already dieting and restricting and lost 12lbs before keto. I plateaued and was stuck for 3 weeks. And moved to keto and the weight started falling off. Im new to this, don’t even know if I’m doing it 100% correct. But I am trien. 🤷‍♀️ haha

  6. I've been on the Chaffle Train for a few weeks. I'm worried I may be eating too many carbs in them. Nothing is showing up on me or scales. I eat at least a day sometime 2. They are so good and easy, especially for one. I usually eat OMAD for 1 meal. Seems too good to be true. What about it??

  7. I have been wondering if there has been any research on cooking meet using animal fat instead of vegetable fat. I am curious if it takes animal fat to process all of the minerals and proteins more efficiently when cooking meat. Just seems like if animal meat comes with animal fat that would be the appropriate way to ingest it

  8. This video is for me, lost 27 pounds in 2 months. Mom and wifey scream that I’m becoming too skinny. I started feeling worry myself. Tried to gain a bit, but instead I still loosing weight. Guess I’m not the only one.

  9. Will you Dr Berry please do a video about whats all involved in stopping the weight loss after we get to our goals, the foods to add in, what to avoid, I just don’t know what I need to know. I would appreciate that.

  10. Dr Berry I have a question about keto, you talk about eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. I make a egg bake 13×9 pan with a dozen scrambled eggs, a onion chopped fine, a bag of ham chunks, can of mushrooms stems and pieces or chopped up fresh mushrooms, and a bag of shredded cheese on top. Is that ok for breakfast and have chicken or a steak for supper. I could eat the egg bake for supper cuz it's good but is it good for keto ?

  11. My to my Dr today and told her I was doing keto she got pretty pissed at me told me it was unhealthy and dangerous and there is no way you can sustain it long term. She told me that my liver will flood my body with sugars and my diabetes would go out of control said a will eventually go back to eating normally and will blow up whit pounds. She was angry. I have no idea why I lost 15 pounds.

  12. on keto 1 year lost 40+ pounds, bmi 26, something i forget what they said at the doctor's office. 26.23 , maybe. i'm 72 years old with heart damage and liver disease. quit smoking and drinking 19+ and 13+ years ago, respectively. is keto dangerous for me?

  13. How bought some info on Ancestral Supplements ??? They are included on your Amazon page. When to use, how to use, who should use, etc… Are they worth the expense ?? A video would be nice on these supplements. Thx !!!

  14. Hi Dr Berry, about 15yrs ago I tried the low carb and have kept off 90lb at that time I was a little over 400 lb. And I am still overweight because of stopping the low carb years ago. A few months ago I have come to find out I have Addison's primary. Do you think it would be advisable to do keto?

  15. I've been Keto since May last year,84pounds down.
    Just came from reviewing my blood draw,cholesterol is high.
    Triglycerides normal,good cholesterol is great but doctor put me on a statin,very low dosage .
    I'm so discouraged!
    Blood sugars were great,all organs working great.
    Doctor is also on Keto but still suggests I eat more plant based and cut the fat .😕

  16. Dr. Berry, if you get a chance check out the video from YouTube channel Med life crisis. He is an MD in England who has a video about the carnivore diet, and he is egregiously misinformed, Spouting misinformation to hapless victims. It sounds to me like he is quoting what he was taught in medical school rather than really researching the carnivore diet before posting his unfortunate video.

  17. I was just about right weight wise, I was doing Keto and FASTING for health and to hopefully cure my chronic pain mostly. After about 6 mo of fasting and keto I lost so much weight (15lbs) and MUSCLE!! WARNING TO all if you! I lost muscle and so I quit fasting for "autophagy" (it did not help at all, none zero, zip…can you tell I'm peeved) So I've been on carnivore for 2 mo now and slowly gaining it back but because of the chronic pain I cant lift weights. I'm hoping that carnivore helps but I know Keto and fasting wasn't for me( Maybe just Keto) Take it into consideration if you are not over weight but are older with chronic pain. The stress from the chronic pain, fasting, and the Keto change plus I would work out, caused me to lose alot of HARD EARNED muscle. Going all the way to carnivore (not super beef, salt, water strict) just makes me feel the best over all. Whatever you pick, much success and never give up.👌🥩🍖🥓

  18. Keto has been a miracle for my health. On my 39 birthday I was 225 pounds. For my 40th birthday just yesterday I am 155 pounds and back in a size 30 waist from 42. Thank you Dr. Berry for making these videos.

  19. It shows low levels of ketone even in as low as 20 gm carbs when I am eating shit loads of fats and protein. I think I am going wrong with my proteins I eat lot of lean protein like chicken and fish

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