Woman Who Doesn't Listen Almost Loses Husband | by Jay Shetty

If we’re not present we end up ruining our future.

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The term build it and it will come is false… BE IT and it will come! My name is Wil aka Hollywood Wil and I have been down, confused, depressed, lost, and didn’t know which way was up. Believe it or not watching Jay and other motivational speakers helped me a great deal. If you are not comfortable enough to talk just start watching videos until you are comfortable enough to talk to someone.

I hope you enjoy not only the videos but my entire Vlog 🙂


  1. She was NOT in auto-piolet mode, there is something wrong with her. Auto-piolet is different. I don't agree with this video. There is something deeper with her.

  2. I can't agree or disagree with this. I do know that I have been on autopilot before, but the way the video portrays it, no one asks her what's wrong or engages in a conversation that isn't one sided and accusatory in a sense. Maybe she's hearing impaired or depressed, overwhelmed. Seems like everyone made rash judgements without asking her if anything was wrong.

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