Your TSH is Normal so Your THYROID is Normal: Have you been told this Medical Lie?

An optimized thyroid gland is vital for you to feel and perform your best. If you have thyroid symptoms and your thyroid labwork was inadequately checked, then you may be suffering from Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism.

Millions of people have been told by their doctor, “Your TSH is Normal, so Your Thyroid is Normal! This is terrible medical practice, and can lead to years of suffering and disease on your part!

You deserve to get a complete thyroid check from your doctor, and get your thyroid hormones optimized if needed…

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Ken D Berry, MD, FAAFP, is a Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, having seen over 20,000 patients in his career so far.

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  1. Please consider a video to educate us on the supplements we REALLY need if we are eating a healthy KETO or Paleo diet. It is so confusing, especially because some doctors are selling supplements.. thank you for your consideration and for all the great informative information!!

  2. Dr.B you are talking about me again! The lazy boy in the lazy boy! I’m a Cancer Survivor (5 yrs) and had chemo and radiation to my neck. I tell my doctors about my lack of energy and drive. They always suggest getting my thyroid checked, so they draw blood and then tell me everything’s normal but that’s all they tell me. I know nothing about the thyroid so I just take their word for it. I have a doctors appointment this week hopefully I can ask all the right questions! Thanks

  3. 40 50 60? Hahaha I'm 26, can't loose much weight even with keto and working out, always feel like crap and have been struggling with weight and obesity since I was 12 despite being an all star in not one but three sports until senior year. I'm sure something is really wrong with me, help. Know any good doctors in N.C.?

  4. Diagnosed with Hashis (based on symptoms, TSH/T4 and thyroid antibodies). I'm on synthroid, and my TSH and free T4 levels have been right in the middle of "normal" range for quite a while. Just recently (after eating keto), I'm noticing many typically hypothyroid symptoms: weight gain, anxiety, depression, irregular bleeding, constipation, dizziness. It's unclear to me whether this is related to being keto or not. Apparently my conversion from T4 to T3 isn't working properly, but I don't know why that would be. My doc just tested my TSH, free T4 and T3 before my appointment next week, and my T3 is 2.2 pg/mL (borderline low according to the lab sheet). At the appointment, I'm planning to ask him to put me on DNT, which I know he has done for "normal range" patients who still exhibit hypothyroid symptoms. Should I also be asking him to do additional testing (TGAb, etc)? Is there anything else I should look into?

  5. Hi Doctor. I love your videos, they are very helpful. I've just started the keto diet 4 weeks ago. It's going great apart from some strange symptoms. I had blurred vision one night with a kind of like a panic attach thingy, which was strange because I had a great day that day and I never had a panic attach before. And now, a week later I have this "keto-rash" on my hands and chin. What can you say about hese things? How can I make the rash go away? Could you make a video on keto side effects and how to avoid them? Thanks a lot.

  6. I have Hashimoto's….was Hyperthyroid for years…then normal..then Hypo..then Hyper..normal..stuck in Hypo…finally diagnosed as Hashimotos Thyroiditis. What is your opinion on Thytrophin PMG by Standard Process. Interested in hearing. Some say it tricks your body into attacking the Thytrophin instead of your thyroid. Is this true and is it safe and effective? You are such a smart guy, especially when you put on those Nerd Glasses 🙂 I value your opinion.

  7. I wonder if you would do a video on hyperthyroid? I've had a huge goitre (internal) that made it necessary for me to have surgery as it was pushing my heart into my lungs and nearly choked me one night when I woke and couldn't breathe or talk so I couldn't call for help. It was very scary. I was in hospital for a week to lower (whatever) before I could get the surgery. I need to lose 50 lbs which I am working on following IT and keto but only just started, I don't have much luck with losing weight but I hope this will be different though I find I can only eat one fair meal (meat and veggies etc) but I eat very lightly around 5 or 6pm and that's it. Is that good? I had to tell my doctor about 25 years ago that I thought he needs to check me out for thyroid trouble and he laughed at me but said he'd humour me, they found the goitre with lumps on it, I had surgery to find out what the lumps were, not anything dangerous. I give up on doctors as they don't seem to have any time for one so I am hoping to find out if I can lose this excess weight finally. I'm female, 73 years and have always been slim till around my mid fifties. I have a bad back and a knee replacement which I regret having as it hurts worse than the arthritis. BTW, I am not on any medication for thyroid and I hope to keep it that way, I hate medications.

  8. Frustrated, I've got low thyroid symptoms, but my TSH was "normal" and my doctor refuses to do any more testing. He said it's all in my head and I'm watching too many videos on the internet. He said lose weight and all the symptoms will go away…he wont even consider any further testing…looking for a new doc, but it's not easy!

  9. What a great video! I’ve felt that I’m suffering from hypothyroidism and or Hashimoto’s. I cannot for the life of me to get a doctor to agree with me. They will only run tsh’s and tell me I’m within range. I recently had a thyroid ultrasound and it came back as a goiter and 6 nodules. They said to wait 6 months and come back. It’s so frustrating. I’m so literally tired of feeling like crap.

  10. Hi Dr Berry,

    I was diagnosed 8 years ago at the age of 21 with fibromyalgia. I have always thought that there could be something wrong with my thyroid / pituitary glad but all of the tests have come back 'within normal range' or on the borderline of the normal ranges (according to that particular labs ranges but not according to other ranges I have seen). I have just asked for my thyroid to be tested again (its been a few years since the last one) and was told the NHS only test TSH, T3 and T4. Only if there is something wrong with them will they do the full panel. I put on so much weight I even had a gastric band done and I only lost 3 stone and I struggled to lose even that. I have been told by most doctors (GPs) that I've seen that it is psychological.

    Have you ever had any fibromyalgia patients end up having thyroid or pituitary problems?


  11. Dr Barry, I've been taking Synthroid for 13-ish years now but continue to have ongoing symptoms, even new symptoms of Hypothyroid. Such as I'm cold all the time and only recently have my fingernails developed ridges and my eyebrows thinned out. Is the Synthroid not doing it's job or is it normal to have ongoing progressive Hypothyroid symptoms?
    Sincerest Thanks in advance,

  12. Hi Dr.Berry, I have recently found you, thank the Lord. #1:Hypothyroid and your information has been enlightening. I will be speaking with my dr about about switching my medication to the desiccated form. #2:Will I benefit from an IODINE supplement? I believe I saw a link on one of your videos, but can't find that now. Im on Keto and want to make sure I am at my optimal health.

  13. Thanks for the info. I will look into it.
    Will you talk about ADHD? On another video you were talking about the adrenal gland and fuzzy brain functioning. My husband, sons, and I have taken Adderall off and on for years so we can focus. That's the only way I made it through nursing school. It raises the heart rate, which is unsafe. I also feel tired most of the time. My husband and I are starting keto. We're in our 60's. Please expand on this.

  14. Dr. Ken, my 16 year old extremely athletic daughter has just been told by our doctor that he T4 levels are low.  She is having many stomach/bowel issues (usually running to the bathroom during or after eating) and terrible menstrual cramps and flow.  She feels she is losing weight and weak.  He has suggested supplementing with selenium.  Are there any other suggestions which you might have for her?

  15. Dear Dr. Berry, I died hitting the subscribe button…. but in a serious note, this is probably 100% describing my life. Only problem is, I haven’t been able to afford treatment so the keto diet and thyroid support is the best I can do right now.

  16. I have hypothyroidism and have been doing strict Keto 20g carb since May 24, 2018. I’m 63, post menopause, post hysterectomy. My CW is 235 lbs, after I’ve lost 25 lbs, but it’s excruciatingly slow. I lift weights and do HIIT 15 min a day, twice a week. I’m on Synthroid 75. In Canada, they will not check a thyroid panel if the TSH is normal. I insisted and paid to get a T4 and T3. The T4 was normal but the T3 was low. My symptoms are cold feet, sluggish energy although I have more with Keto, short eyebrows, dry crepe skin, some hair loss from time to time, even before Keto. I have asked my Dr to switch me to a desiccated hormone, but he is reluctant to. He says the experience in his office is that it fluctuates a lot and it’s hard to regulate, then after it fails it’s hard to go back to synthetic. He says there is nothing to do, but to keep trying to lose weight. He knows I’m doing Keto and is encouraging that way, but doesn’t think it’s sustainable for me, but I disagree with him. To me if feels like a permanent change as I’m wanting to avoid diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Do you know of a way I can heal my thyroid or increase my T3? I take 2 drops of Iodine daily and also a Thyroid Support Supplement. Should I insist on switching to the desiccated hormone?

  17. I’ve been told that I have a high normal level, borderline hypothyroid. But I’m not sure what that really means. Just that it’s not enough for medication. I get retested in 6 months. What other tests should I ask for?

  18. Nickel sensitivity is something I would like to see. I've been eating a low nickel diet, but it is not helping as much as I would like. I am currently trying to learn about the keto diet and think YouTubers like you will be great support for me.

  19. Dr. Berry, I have almost all of the low thyroid symptoms and have talked to my doctor and she did a thyroid panel my results were TSH 4.29, T4- .83, T3 72.6 and TPO 16.86. she said it was normal and gave me some antidepressants, i didn't agree with her and went to an endocrinologist on my own and he told me the same thing! What do you think? I am tired all the time, my hair is falling out, i am depressed, i am always cold, i am overweight, my skin is dry! I am 56 years old and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago but am not sure that i agree with the diagnoses. I wish you weren't 3 hours away from me because i would love to be seen by you!! I just started the keto diet about 2 weeks ago and am looking forward to feeling better!! but am still worried about my thyroid!!

  20. Absolutely brilliant info on thyroid issues, I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid issues for 16 years and I really wish I had this information then, uk doctors don’t take kindly to any input towards helping you feel normal. It’s only now I’ve begun to fight back after private bloods found out I was deficient in B12, vit D, magnesium, folate, selenium etc that they are following up (grudgingly).. No wonder the nhs is in such a mess.

  21. I asked this question on another video of yours but it didn't show up. I currently take 100 mcg synthroid. I want to switch to armor or nature but my dr. is apprehensive about it because she is unfamiliar with it. What dose would be a good starting dose?

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